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brighette's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing: Let Go

Wow, this one looked so professional! Great look at the complicated relationship Angel and Conner had. I loved the editing from 1:08-1:35. The ďfadedĒ clips to just grayscale were a nice touch. The use of still frames was perfect from 2:35-3:04, itís different from what you usually see. The final fight scene followed by Angelís remembrances and ending with Connerís small smile... just great!

Best Video RU: No More Mr. Nice Guy

You managed to fit it all in here -- action, humor, brotherly love, costumes. Very well done! I loved all of the fast edits used, they fit the beats perfectly. Great job matching clips to lyrics, as well.

Best Editing RU: Weapon

You did an impressive job using clips from Smallville and, by my count, 4 movies! Excellent job telling the story! The music was a great choice and the clips fit the lyrics and beat very nicely.

brighette's choice: Awakening

The song choice was perfect for following Peterís emerging powers and his acceptance of whatís happening to him. I thought you did a great job capturing his character. Clip choices were very good, though there were one or two with credits in them, which can pull the viewer out of the story for a moment. I really liked the fast edits from 0:18-0:26, well done. Overall, great character study and I loved the heart of it!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing: Let Go

This vid can pretty much be summed up with one word: stunning! Iím not a huge Angel fan. I know just enough about the show to be dangerous, but this vid took my breath from the first beat. To be able to pack so much emotion into a vid that is fast-paced is amazing. I felt like I was on the same roller coaster ride as Conner and Angel. The hate/love of the relationship was displayed beautifully with the lyrics and the chosen clips. The use of b&w with red highlighting really played to the underlying rage shimmering underneath the vidís intent. And the switch to pure b&w at the end left me with a serenity that I wasnít expecting.

The editing was not only flawless, but it followed the music to perfection. There were a lot of effects throughout, which can often be overpowering, but not for this vid. They blended perfectly with the beats to set a stage in which I couldnít pull my eyes away. Some of the specific things that jumped out at me were the red flashes perfectly in tune with the beats, the overlay of fire behind ďburn meĒ, the subtle shift to a brief moment of serenity with the cityscape, and the ďstaticĒ effects around 4:05. It made me want to go out and buy Angel on dvd!

Best Video RU: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Simply said, there was something special about this vid. The cuts to the beats were very nicely done and kept the vid moving along at a nice pace while keeping me engaged. The music choice was very appropriate for the show, and the vidder knew exactly how to use it for the most impact. There was very nice lyrical matching to the clips chosen. The subtle use of humor throughout was the perfect touch, and I found myself smiling and applauding at the same time. A great example of why I love this show!

Best Editing RU: Weapon

I have to admit that I havenít seen Batman Begins yet. But this vid married the Batman and Smallville universes together so well that I actually had to go check to see if Erica Durance was in the movie. I was definitely buying the crossover! That doesnít happen too often for me; usually I can see the seams in crossover vids. The ability to wrap two worlds together in such a believable way deserves way more than two thumbs up!

wolfpup's choice: Nothing Else Matters

Iím a sucker for sentimentality, and this vid hit those buttons for me. Not to mention the fact that it is Metallica and that band will always have a special place in my heart when it comes to Supernatural. Slow-mo can often get on my nerves, but I thought it was used beautifully, and appropriately, with this vid. The clip choices kept me engaged even though the song itself is a little long and solemn. The back and forth between action clips and emotional clips was perfect. The ability to hold my attention for the length of a song like this speaks volumes for the vidís pacing. I canít say anything else except that it hit me in the gut!