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brighette's reviews

Best Video: It's Not Over

This is one of my favorite Smallville vids ever, I just have to say. From the opening voiceover, alluding to the opening voiceover in the original movie while setting the scene for the rest of the vid, I was hooked. The first half of season 5 was incredibly well done, and you captured that in just three and a half minutes. The way you edited your clips was beautifully done, and your timing was spot on. The simple clip changes along with the in clip action on the beats worked so well. And I especially loved the crystal coming to life on the beat from 0:40-0:45, and then the crystal flying through the air from 1:42-1:48. The bridge was very nicely done, and the ending was just heartbreaking. Truly amazing, thatís all I can say!

Best Editing: Suicide

Wow, this was such an intriguing Faith character study, and the editing was just stunning. The opening, with the cut scenes on the beat and the Ė I donít know, Iíll call it shower door effect Ė had me wondering what you had up your sleeve for this one, and you definitely did not disappoint. There was so much that caught my eye, but it went so well with the music that it never felt like too much; itís a fine line to skate in a vid and you managed it quite well. I loved the dancing starting at 0:38, and the blur effect on the beats tied the music and scenes together throughout the whole vid perfectly. And the "slip and slide" at 1:13-1:16 made me smile. The tri-colored graveyard scenes created a trippy horror effect that I really enjoyed. Very nicely done!

brighette's choice: Battlestar Inferno

This vid is just... guh! Highly infectious, incredibly hawt and just all-around awesome. I know thereís some pretty on the show, but you manage to make it seem like itís non-stop! The beat use was amazing, especially with all the in clip action, starting just 5 seconds in with Starbuck on the punching bag. I could point out about a hundred others, quite impressive in any vid let alone one thatís only two minutes long, but my favorite is possibly the clapping on the beat from 1:15-1:18 Ė now that was just showing off ;) So the vid may not be deep, but we all need some superficial fun from time to time Ė thanks for delivering! And now, if you need anything, Iíll be in my bunk...

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: It's Not Over

This vid has everything that a great vid needs to have. The storytelling is so nicely constructed that sometimes when I watch it I find myself getting lost in the clip content and the song lyrics. Other times Iíll get lost in the editing and the music use. Which, yeah, that means Iíve watched it multiple times and itís just as good with each viewing. There is so much emotion contained in this vid that although it is set later in the showís timeline, it makes me remember the reason I enjoyed Smallville so much during the first three seasons. One of the few Smallville vids Iíll watch over and over. Two great big thumbs up from me!!

Best Editing: Suicide

I always like to try and single out specific things in vids when it comes to reviewing for the editing category. But after watching this vid multiple times, I canít find any one thing that really stands out. The whole vid is beautifully edited from beginning to end: the use of color (or lack thereof), the general action, the music use, the flow. It was all great. Everything from the song choice to the chaos you elicited with the effects fit Faithís character perfectly.

wolfpup's choice: Heavy

Oh, how I love this vid. First of all, Iím a huge Collective Soul fan, so Iím tickled with your music choice. The way you used the beat of the music with the clip movements kept my interest from the moment the vid started. The way you cut this vid made every clip seem unique and fresh. The use of b&w to show Deanís memories while sitting vigil at Samís deathbed was perfect! But I think my favorite part of this vid was the storyline and the way you progressed through all that has happened to the boys: all the pressure Dean has been under trying to help Sam and how that emotional burden flipped to land on Samís shoulders after the deal with the crossroad demon. One of my favs from you!