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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Reinvent Yourself

This was an incredibly well done Sylar character study and how he is always reinventing himself. I really enjoyed your lyrical interpretations, such as “the smell of sweet perfume” at 0:09 or “trapped in myself again” at 0:12; excellent clip choices! And the sun crossfade to his eye at 1:11 was amazing. You had a firm grasp of your music, and used the changes in speed and dramatic beats quite effectively. The ending with Sylar getting his powers back left me wondering what his next reinvention would be! Again, very nicely done.

Best Editing: Ritual Habitual

This was a truly original and imaginative vid! The opening, with the picture coming in from static with the audio, was different and immediately made me pay attention. The voiceover was also well done, setting the stage for this alternate universe, where Sam’s got more than one sick habit. Excellent use of your music and your effects matched up perfectly. The editing was right on, you had me fully believing Sam had become a serial killer. In a way, I hope little Sammy does go darkside... imagine all the clips you could play with then!

brighette's choice: Our Solemn Hour

First off, kudos for use of Within Temptation! Their music is so big and epic, they fit nicely with Supernatural. I loved the universe you created, with Dean having to hunt down all the evil set loose from the gate, along with his now evil Sammy. Loved the in clip action throughout, that always catches my eye. The epic battle between the brothers at the end, followed by the quick succession of memories, was very well done. And you left me wondering what the outcome was – do we get a sequel?? But leaving that wonder in was a deft touch. Kudos on this one!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Reinvent Yourself

A perfect song for Sylar, and a great look at the progression of his character throughout the show so far. Great use of the music and the lyrics. I loved the way you opened the vid with his destruction of his “home”, then jumped into all his attempts to “reinvent” himself because of the way he was raised to believe he could be so much more then he saw in himself. I also loved the way you ended the vid with him finally regaining control of his powers again. Very powerful conclusion. But I think my favorite part is from :44 to 1:00. The music use and the lyrical matching really stood out in a vid where both were done extremely well throughout. Loved it.

Best Editing: Ritual Habitual

Although I don’t want Sam to go darkside in the show, there is something SO sexy about evil!Sam. The beauty with this vid was the way you took clips we all know and turned them into a completely different, yet believable, storyline. The editing was so nicely done that I didn’t get distracted inside my own head by the canon of the clips you used. The way you captured the beat of the music with the effects was fantastic, and it really set the dark, “sick” tone of the storyline. I think my favorite part was the beginning. I loved the constructed backstory and the subtle background music before you jumped into the actual heaviness of the song itself. I also loved the bookends with the “static” effect. Great job!

wolfpup's choice: Dean's Overture

Let me count the ways that I love this vid! I was actually exhausted after watching it the first time. The amount of time and energy you put into it certainly shows. Not only with the perfect clipping to the beat, but also with the kinetic movement within the clips themselves. Dean is such a diverse character, and I think you captured every dimension of his personality by the time you were done. I loved the irony of “sophisticated” Dean during the slower bridge in the middle of the song. I laughed, I smiled, I cringed and I even rolled my eyes at Dean’s antics. Thanks for sharing!