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brighette's reviews

Best Video: My Hero

I loved the relationship you chose to focus on between Hiro and Ando, and the song was perfect for them. They have such an innocence and awe, which you captured so well. Your music use was excellent and so much fun to watch. Clip changes and great in clip beat use, you kept this vid moving quickly with the pace of the song. I particularly loved 1:28-1:35 and 2:27-2:54; your timing was beautiful and caught the dramatic build of the music. I liked the POV changes; while primarily focused on Hiro, there is plenty of Ando, especially there at the end as he helps Hiro believe in himself. These two play of each other and help make the other a better person, and this vid shows this perfectly. There was a great mix of action and drama, with plenty of clips that just made you smile. I couldn’t ask for much more in a vid!

Best Editing: Killing In The Name Of

This one kicks off from second one! The pulsing flashes and zooms mirror the music, the slow turns by each brother, the gray scale with flashing clips, the quick edits... wow, this vid is beautiful eye candy that just makes you sit back and enjoy the ride! I loved your lyrical interpretations for each stanza repeat for forces/crosses, with the focus on the different demons. The “now you do what they told ya” with all the chosen ones forcing their powers on others was extremely well done, and I loved the flashes of Sam’s death visions in there. Followed by the justified deaths of Mary and John, and then Ruby’s “ugh!” And ending with Sam killing in the name of saving Dean, just the right clincher! Can you tell I had a blast with this one?!

brighette's choice: Salvation

I’m an odd duck; I think Buffy and Angel are soulmates, but I want her with Spike for as long as possible until the end! You did a great job capturing everything I love about them, and this song was great for Spike’s POV. How much he wants to show her what he’s capable of being and is willing to do so much to be the man he believes she wants and deserves. I loved your clip choices, they were perfect and matched the lyrics so well. The instrumental from 2:00-2:22 was done really well; you had a great sense of the music throughout the vid, but this section stood out to me, with all the action and then the swell of his “death.” Also, each of the choruses, starting with the “I’m falling” clips were well chosen and showed the relationship between them growing and changing. Ending with the tender scene in the bed. Sigh, this is exactly why I love Spuffy!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: My Hero

I loved this video for several different reasons. First of all the music use was fantastic. The movement of the vid was very engaging and fit the music perfectly. I especially enjoyed the 1:25 to 1:36 and from 2:24 to 2:55. But I absolutely loved every second of your clip choices and editing. Course, that wasn’t the only great thing about the vid. Hiro is such an interesting character, and I really liked the way you focused this vid on the relationship between Hiro and Ando. It created a very unique look at Hiro and I couldn’t help but smile all the way through it. Thanks for sharing. Two thumbs up from me!

Best Editing: Killing In The Name Of

Holy beat use! This vid completely rocked my world. I couldn’t stop bobbing my head with the music and I swear you hit every beat in there with either a clip change or with the kinetic motion of the clip itself. I loved the b&w overlays that you used at just the right frequency to not overwhelm but still add something special... I especially liked the one with the devil’s trap and the rosary around 1:15. The color usage was awesome, as well as the zoom in/zoom out effects. I really enjoyed the overlays of Mary and John with their tombstones, too. Very nicely done. But I think my favorite section was the kick ass part from :30 to :44. Awesome!

wolfpup's choice: I Want My Life

You know, this might be my favorite Dean vid ever. It’s definitely in my top 5. It breaks my heart every time I watch it. The relevance of the song to S3 is absolutely perfect and the way you weave Dean’s emotions and thoughts with the lyrics has such a poetic feel that I swear I get a little choked up just thinking about it. I also really loved the way you used clips of them when they were younger to show the struggle Dean has always felt inside himself, even from a young age. And that’s not even taking into account the sheer beauty of your editing style, which I’m a huge fan of. Course, you probably know that by now. There’s just something about your vids that always touch my heart and I’m so glad you share them with us on a regular basis. Okay, enough with the chick-flick moment.