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brighette's reviews

Best Video/Editing: River Red Sam

This was an excellent look at Simon and River from River’s POV. I loved your lyrical interpretation, and your clip choices were excellent; the mental pain River is experiencing, and how Simon is there trying to save her. This song was made for the vid you have put together! Your editing was so smooth and your use of coloring was absolutely beautiful. The way you combined quick edits, zooms, overlays and effects, for example 0:27-0:35, gave the vid so much movement and depth, while showing such a keen grasp on the music. I don’t think one video has ever won best video, editing and music use in the same round, but this one is just so nicely constructed and well balanced that it managed the triple crown!

brighette's choice: Secret Smile

Ah, Veronica and Logan, what a star crossed pair! This vid made me smile, no pun intended. There was so much angst, but you made us remember the good times, too. These two fought, but that was just part of the passion they had for each other. You have a true knack for taking music and vidding to the emotion behind it; I don’t watch and think about the lyrics, though they are forgotten, but instead I notice the focused theme and how well it flows. Your editing in this one was smooth and simple, without a lot of fancy effects other than the use coloring, which was very well done, but it was fitting with the pace of the music. This was a great overview of their relationship, from start to finish!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video/Editing: River Red Sam

What didn’t I like about this video? I can honestly say nothing. I’m not a huge fan of Firefly, but I found this vid fascinating from beginning to end. The lyrics fit the characters very well and you used both the beat and the overall tempo of the song to their full potential. Your use of zooms, as well as start and stop action to match the music was spot on and kept the vid interesting and fresh. I also loved the “chaos” that the flashing primary colors added throughout the vid. And we can’t forget your great job of using overlays without overdoing it. I especially enjoyed the ones where you edited the same clips over each other, but with a different perspective. Your clip selections in relation to the pace of the music was also very noticeable. It really made the different sides of River stand out as the story unfolded. Although you classified this vid as a character piece, for me, the focus rested more on the relationship between River and Simon... as seen by River. And, honestly, it makes me want to find my brother and give him a big hug.

wolfpup's choice: When The Heartache Ends

What I enjoyed about this vid was its “heart”. It was a great song choice for the show, as well as the relationship between Starsky and Hutch. I’m a sucker for both angst and relationship vids. This one fit both categories and while watching I felt myself wanting to pop my dvds in and rewatch some of the epic Starsky & Hutch episodes that all us fans know by heart. The bond between the two characters was something so special that I think they broke the mold after the show ended. And his vid capitalized on that bond. I also really liked your use of the sepia tone in small increments throughout. It gave the vid just the right hint of the “classic” that Starsky and Hutch truly was. Thanks for sharing!