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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Easier To Run

Ahh, I remember when the original version of this vid came out; your first venture into Supernatural! In writing this, I decided to watch them side by side, to see the before and after. I always thought the original was very well done, but I have to say the remastered version kicks it up; the new clip choices and rearranging of some other clips really pull this together and keep the angst right there where it belongs. The texture worked well, without detracting or distracting, and your effects added just the right punch. This song works so well for the boys, and your switches in the POV matched up nicely with the lyrics. All in all, this vid captured the internal and external turmoil the Winchesters have gone through over the years, and how they often seem to step up to the matter at hand, while running in the other direction. Nicely done!

Best Editing: You'll Never Miss But I Can

What a lot of great fun eye candy in this one! You have a great knack for effects and clip movement, the timing for your beat use is spot on, and overall your editing is smooth and seemingly effortless. And somehow in all that, you have an interesting alternate reality that involves a lot of rather evil!Sammy; always good fun in my book. I'll admit, I was so caught up in the beat use the first time around that I couldn't fully focus on the story, but rewatching since then, I love the story you tell. The dream/vision of what could be, and the decision to go another route with even worse results... quite creative! From 0:20 with Ruby and her knife, through 0:44 - I loved the quick edits and again, beat use, and you had me hooked. Your editing style was able to match the intensity and drive of the song perfectly. Great job!

brighette's choice: What If I Came Knocking

I think this video did a great job showing the creepy seduction that is Spike. Buffy knows that he's not to be trusted, but somehow still finds herself letting him through the walls she's put up, against her better judgment. Your clip choices were excellent; we fully see his obsession in 1:11-1:23, just for example. But we see that under that is a twisted kind of love; 2:43 and his soul, the wiping of the tear…really great contrast! You have a good sense of your music – not just the lyrics and the story, but using the pace (the slower, dreamy feel from 2:24-2:33) and beats (following up that dreaminess with quick, pounding edits). I'll always say Angel might be Buffy's soul mate, but her and Spike were so much more interesting to watch. This video is exactly why! Definitely one I'll keep to watch again and again.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Easier To Run

There is something very unique and special about your editing style. The look of your vids is so distinct and interesting, that I always find myself memorized with the use of coloring and shading. The meaning behind this vid was very powerful, and it provided a great summary of Dean and Sam's lives so far. I'm an equal opportunity lover, so I was really happy that you shifted the focus back and forth so that the vid was about both boys and what they've endured... their doubts and fears. Your music use and editing is always superb, and this vid was no exception. The use of the black and white overlays/split screens to denote the past was awesome and really added to the feel of the vid. But it was the filmstrip clips for "moving pictures" that really stood out! Beautiful effect. And, dude, I will love you always for that slow-mo clip of the boys running at :23! Don't ask me why, but I found that incredibly hot!!

Best Editing: You'll Never Miss But I Can

Holy kick@$$ song! Dude, that totally rocked. The beat behind this vid makes me want to get up and pummel something. Very intense! There's not a second where you can look away without missing something and that's AWESOME. I have to admit that I didn't get the plotline the first time I watched the vid. But after brighette hit me over the head with the stupid stick, I totally got it then immediately broke out in those wonderful chills that only evil!Sam can evoke. My favorite parts were from 1:08 to 1:18 and from 2:43 to 2:51. The music use in both places really stood out for me. And that quick slide to Sam standing at the crossroads at the end of the vid gives me shivers every time... But I'm not complaining!

wolfpup's choice: Afraid Of Waking

I'm not really sure why I love this vid as much as I do... I just do! There's something about it that really pulls at me. But since I'm having a lot of trouble trying to decipher exactly what that is, I think I'll just point out my favorite parts. Some of these may seem insignificant, but they obviously weren't to me. The staircase clip at :30-:31 really shows Dean's vulnerability and sets the angst level (yes, I'm a slave to the angst!). I absolutely loved the clip selections at :38-:47... not to mention ALL the lyrical matching to "somebody shake me cause I must be sleeping". The effects and the clips you selected for these parts were a perfect match for the lyrics and for the vid's overall tone. The matching looks from Sam and Dean at 1:13-1:16 were priceless. Those eyes looking up at the screen give me stupid little shivers every time. Once again, perfect clip selection from 2:17-2:26 for "all the mistakes one life can make". However, my favorite part was probably 2:58-3:12; the intensity here really revved up and stood out from the rest of the vid at just the right moment. And, dude, was that a blooper clip at 3:31? Totally awesome! Oh, and before I forget... the continued use of hallways throughout the vid to set the feeling of isolation and being trapped in a coma was inspired. Wonderful stuff. And, I'm still trying to figure out how you managed to use some of the same clips over and over, and not only make them seem fresh and new, but reuse them in a way to really add that extra hmpfh. Two thumbs up from me!