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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Changes

This was a great song choice for John, and you chose excellent clips to go with the lyrics and story you were telling. The song is a fun one to vid, offering the opportunity to combine some nice angst with some great action. I loved how you used the music to its fullest; the fades, the quick edits and flashes, the overlays... it all worked wonderfully and kept the flow moving in sync. You put together a very well done character piece, that really showed everything John has gone through over the years on Atlantis. I enjoyed all the clips you used, not leaving anything out -- everything from the beginning and what happened with Ford, to losing Beckett and even including some of Carter coming on board after Weir. This was quite a comprehensive look into what makes John the person he is today; a little more tempered and weary than when the show first started, but still always willing to throw himself into anything. I really enjoyed this one, great job!

Best Editing: Enjoy The Silence

(cross-posted from Special Theme 12) This was so much fun to watch! The creepy opening (little girls chanting lullabies will always bring to mind Freddy Krueger for me…and I love Nightmare on Elm Street!) with the perfect song choice had me hooked from go. Your titling called to mind old horror films as well; it felt not only like an episodic, but an homage to the movies I've always loved. You did an excellent job recapping this episode; I especially liked how you used all the written messages to really move the story along. While that was such an important part of the show, you really made it an integral part of your vid, something I've don't think I've ever seen in any Hush episodic. You had excellent timing, using your beats with nice editing and clip changes, and your use of effects was just enough. This is now one of my favorite episodics ever – really well done!

brighette's choice: Pretty Life

Thanks for making a vid that shows the seedy underbelly of VM! Don’t get me wrong, I was a big LoVe fan (well, until S3, but let’s not go there), but that was only a part of the show. The rest was her cases and the seemingly constant things that went bad in their little town, and you really showcased that and how intriguing that was. I liked the dreamy, happy opening, showing how things in Neptune are never going to be that easy. Then into the meat of it all; this song has a driving pace, and you did an excellent job matching that in your editing. 1:44-1:46 and 2:41-2:50 were just highlights; zooms, flashes, overlays, quick edits -- overall, this vid never let up! Seeing all the things that have happened over the years in just 4 minutes leaves you a bit breathless. Your clip choices were excellent, using the lyrics and keeping the pace going throughout. I loved the ending with the “ominous” feet walking up, leaving it on a bit of a cliffhanger, and leaving me wanting to see more! Definitely going in my save folder to watch again and again.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Changes

I really enjoyed this vid! It was a nice look at the trials Sheppard has faced since the beginning of the show. He’s such an interesting character, and for me this vid captured the more sullen part of his personality that is often glossed over. He really has been put through a lot over the years and this vid made me feel that in a way that I hadn’t really thought about before. I loved the use of the “space/galaxy” clips to offset all the character clips. It kept the vid from getting too focused... if that makes any sense. Not only did it keep the vid interesting visually, it provided an important look at what has influenced the changes in Sheppard... as if the setting itself was a living being. Your use of overlays were nicely done without being overly distracting, and I thought the energy behind the ending from 3:05 to 3:37 was particularly note-worthy. In addition, I really enjoyed the kinetic movement in some of your clip selections. For instance, from 1:16 to 1:18. The movement of the jumper through the gate was timed beautifully. My favorite clip selections: the clown at 0:17 and “I try to hold this under control” from 1:56 to 1:58.

Best Editing: Enjoy The Silence

(cross-posted from Special Theme 12) First of all, what an awesome song choice to use for this episode. Honestly, I don't think you could have found a better one. And, boy, did you use it to its full potential! I loved the "dream-like" quality to the opening, and the way you jumped into the song at :30. The wonderful beat use helped set the mood before the song really took off at 1:20. Actually, your music use throughout the vid was absolutely wonderful. I loved the use of all the "scribbled writings" to help capture the feel of the episode. And, dude, I was even impressed with your voiceovers at the beginning and end. Two thumbs up on that (and that's saying something because brighette and I are both extremely critical on the use of voiceovers in vids). And the ending... that was just freakin creepy, man! I think I’m going to have nightmares of that little dude tonight!

wolfpup's choice: Everyday Superhero

This was a great song for Alec. Totally ironic since he is far from being “average” and “ordinary”. This vid brought that irony to the forefront in spades for me by Alec trying to blend in and be ordinary, yet constantly finding himself in heroic situations. The lyrics throughout really fit him well and you picked great clips to express the cockiness of his character. I would list some of my favorite parts, but I really enjoyed the whole thing from beginning to end. However, I was particularly impressed with 1:45 to 1:52. I absolutely loved the timing and clip selections here... And the way Alec cocked the shotgun in perfect beat at the beginning of the segment was awesome. I was also really impressed with your clips everywhere the lyrics were “average, ordinary”. Really nice look at Alec trying to fit in. For instance, when Normal shoved the packages in his arms and when he was eating during one of his breaks. And don’t get me started on all the Alec and Max clips. I’m not a Max/Alec shipper, but I do absolutely love their relationship and I was so happy that it flirted around the edges of this vid in spots. Actually, I’m sitting here making myself NOT put my Dark Angel dvds in to watch an ep or two for a more in-depth Alec fix. Two great big thumbs up from me.