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brighette's reviews

Best Video/Editing: 45

What a great song for Adama and his look back at his own life and how itís affected his family, especially Lee. Heís been difficult and has passed along the "family business" of being a pilot. A business which has already proved tragic, but is also something that brings them together and gives them a common ground to connect on. I loved the use of all the sources you had available, including the webisodes which gave us a look at a young Adama. Your lyrical interpretations were extremely well done - the "priceless gift" of the Viper; "these times of doing what youíre told," showing how so often the front line soldiers wind up dead for doing just that; the aggression that has to be taken out "staring down the barrel of a 45" that is the Viper... you have a real gift of using your lyrics to their fullest. Your editing was beautiful as well, with the movement and overlays, the pause at 0:38, and the ending was great fading from a young Adama to a weary present day Adama and then pulling out to the fleet. Always a military man. Great job!

brighette's choice: Goodbye, Goodnight

Ahh, good ole first season Jericho. I love this one from the start; the almost folksy music and the drive down the bridge immediately caught my attention. The montage of happy hellos, to set an ironic contrast to the pain thatís to come, along with all the bitter farewells was a nice touch. You do a great job showing how the town tries to deal with things and keep things lighthearted, while dealing with so much disaster. Your lyrical work was excellent - the worldís insanity and how weíve gotten lost, strike up the band and play a song (each time) - and really kept this one grounded in the emotional turmoil the bombs have taken on the people of Jericho. And the alley encounter in the middle, with its quick edits and leaving us uncertain as to the shooter, replaying at the end but showing it was Dale... this is a vid of goodbyes, and that metaphorical goodbye to his innocence was perfect

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video/Editing/wolfpup's choice: 45

I am so happy that you made this vid and shared it here at DPTM. Not only do I love the song, I love the focus of the vid itself. Iíve not been a BSG fan for long, but I almost always find a character relationship to attach to when I watch a show. For me, with this particular show, my choice isnít a real popular one. I am completely and utterly hooked on the relationship between Adama and Lee. I know this vid was more of a character study for Adama, but it skirted around the father/son relationship and I absolutely loved it. Your lyrical interpretations always really stand out to me. The clips you match with lyrics always have a very unique feel, and the way you weave your storylines together always makes me feel like Iím watching something completely new. Once again, the symbolism you use really stands out in relation to your clip selections, and the very subtle parallelisms between father and son came through with flying colors, along with the comparison between the much younger and the more seasoned Adama. Getting away from the lyrical side of the vid, I also want to take a moment to comment on the way you utilize the music itself. You have such a great eye for internal movement within individual clips. The pacing of the vid is spot on and moves beautifully with the cadence of the song. Although I could list almost every second of the vid, here are some of my favorite moments: (1) the beautiful start to the parallelism between a younger and older Adama at 0:06 to 0:14; (2) the emotional impact from 0:33 to 0:38; (3) the music use from 1:16 to 1:26; (4) the father/son relationship from 1:35 to 1:44; (5) the editing from 2:33 to 2:41; and the (5) the beautiful overlays starting at 3:23.