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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Born To Kill

This one grabs you from the opening -- great selection with the tuning of the radio; the tenseness of the first 30 seconds sets the stage for the rest of the vid. I loved the transition from Mary and the orange fire to Jess and the blue fire at 0:51. The transition to Meg’s montage at 2:34 was flawless. You show a great attention to the music, bringing in fast edits that match the music perfectly. The overlay of each Winchester’s thoughts segueing into the next was excellent for the ending. And the abrupt cut of the music at the end is such a good fit that I’m always surprised now when I hear this on my iPod and it has a gentle fadeout!

All in all, this is a superb overview of the first season, with a strong focus on the finale. I loved how you brought in all the major characters, including Metallicar! Very nicely done!

Best Video RU & Best Editing: Always With Me

The subject matter of this vid was the first thing that caught my attention -- a whole vid about Sam and Jess’ relationship? I didn’t think such a thing was possible, but you managed to pull it off so well.

I always love your use of color and contrast, and this one is no exception. The vid uses hazy yet brilliant colors, which I think represents Sam’s memory of the relationship very nicely. The bridge of the song was done so well -- I loved the transitions, which flowed from one to the next fluidly. And the concluding montage from 3:05 to 3:30 had so much intensity and emotion; the editing was perfect and I loved the clip choices. Overall, just an amazing job!

Best Editing RU: Harder To Breathe

First off, I have to say I love Evil!Sam. This is probably my favorite BUaBS vid yet. Secondly, I was absolutely impressed with the editing of this vid! This song is fast paced and dramatic, and your editing style fit it perfectly. In the first half, the quick cuts and transitions, the flashes and brightening effects, they all fit the song and subject matter to a tee.

Your clip choices were well thought out, and I especially thought the blending of Sam and Meg to illustrate his possession was very well done. Great work!

brighette's choice: Pain

I'm a sucker for Alec, I'll admit it. The tough guy with a heart of gold -- that character will always be my favorite in any show, hands down. And I loved how well you managed to capture all the aspects of Alec’s character in this vid! The action and violence, the fear, the angst, the humor, the caring -- all of his layers are there, laid out to the perfect song choice. I always like to see song and editing marry up, and this one was very well done; I especially liked the quick clips. Kudos!!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Born To Kill

There’s not much else to say about this vid except for pretty much perfect. The clip choices were unique and blended together so nicely that I immediately felt like I had been pulled into the Winchester world, not to mention the “mission” that makes up that world. My heart was thudding as I watched everything play out. I loved the fact that most of the clips focused on the “mythology” episodes. But even those that didn’t were chosen so that they looked as if they were. The subtle and well-timed flashes leant themselves nicely to the song and the way the ending faded out on the car crash with the heart monitor flat-lining was sure perfection!

Best Video RU & Best Editing: Always With Me

I have absolutely no idea how you managed to make it look like Jess was in the first episode a whole heck of a lot more than she actually was. *chuckle* I know you used the deleted scenes and the ending scene from “Bloody Mary”, but still the fact that Jess was in the vid so much without it seeming repetitious gets major kudos from me. I hate to see clips reused over and over again in vids to match the same lyrics. But this vid didn’t come across that way at all. So, two thumbs way up! The relationship between Sam and Jess (and that loss on Sam) was portrayed beautifully. Made my little heart go pitter-patter. And you didn’t neglect Dean although the vid was about Sam and Jess. *g*

The editing was spot-on. I loved the insertion of Jess into the picture frame on the dresser in their apartment. The way the clips would pause on a certain clip then skip slightly in beat to the music was very eye-catching. The various clip overlays were nicely done, especially the ones with the Impala when used with “far away”. Oh, and I loved the fire overlaid onto Jess on the ceiling, too. When the song hit the instrumental bridge, the pacing of the clips changed nicely to really show off the music selection. Definitely one that I will watch over and over.

Best Editing RU: Harder To Breathe

The pacing to this vid was nicely done. I really enjoyed the use of the zoom-in effects, which can often be too much. But it worked very well in the limited fashion in which you used it. I thought the section with Evil!Sam and Jo was especially well put together with the flashes and overlays. The section around 1:40 where Dean gets disconnected and you see the phone line to Bobby’s being cut also stood out to me for some reason. Something about those clips with the lyrics produced this great feeling of suspense in my tummy! Very nicely done and enjoyable!

wolfpup's choice: Breathe

You know, this is twice now that my choice has been an emotional vid. I know eventually a fast-paced song will jump out at me and kick my butt. But I’m such a sucker for those vids that really make me feel what I perceive the character to be feeling. The beauty of this vid is the simplicity in which it relays Dean’s pain. The matching of “home” with pictures and the drawing from “Dead in the Water”... and the beautiful looks Dean gives Sam to “buried in you” were enough to melt me into a puddle of goo. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m still recovering. Thank you for sharing this wonderful look into Dean.