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brighette's reviews

Best Video, Editing RU & brighette's choice: Damaged

First, the music choice Ė it was haunting yet catchy, with great beats that you took full advantage of! It was a new song for me, but it hooked me in from the get go (and iTunes once again thanks the great vidders out there for adding to my music collection). It was a beautiful choice for this study of Peter and Claire. You have an amazing eye and your editing is always so smooth. I loved your use of ghosting and fades, they mirrored the music effortlessly. I also liked how you transitioned similar scenes; Peter looking at the painting of the cheerleader fading into Claire in her cheerleading outfit at the opening, Claire running on the field fading to her running in Peterís vision. The music use was beautifully done; again, your beat use, quick edits and the lyrical clip matching all worked together to create a vid that I canít stop watching!

Best Editing: Stronger Forest

Wow, Iím already looking forward to what you enter next! The editing here was amazing! A very unusual song choice, but you made it work so well that it seemed only logical. I loved the opening, the fast edits over the long still shot of Sylar was a well done juxtaposition, the stillness adding to the frenetic pace of the song. In fact, your overlays throughout were extremely well done. The section from 2:40 to 3:03 really caught my attention. The comparisons drawn by the fades were very well done, and the edits from 2:49-2:52 were spot on! And ending with his energy balls on beat was a very nice touch. I love rewatching this, because I notice something new each time.

Best Video RU: 4 In The Morning

You have done a fantastic job detailing Michael and Saraís relationship in just five minutes. The pain and longing, the tenderness and sacrifices come through clearly. I liked the subtle use of color throughout and at your transitions, it added to the feel without distracting. The song choice was unexpected, but you made it work very well for the story you had to tell. With vids like this, Iím starting to look forward to when the writerís strike gives me the opportunity to go back and give PB a second look!

Judge's Duel Award: I Like The Way You Move

Iím such a sucker for Ben/Alec, and this was such a fun, sexy tribute vid to all the things I loved about him, that Iím a sucker for it, too! From the opening walk down the church aisle, nicely cutting to the bare backÖyou had me hooked. You have a great eye for motion and I like the way you string clips together, itís unique and engaging. Your use of effects is nicely done with a deft touch, always adding to the vid, never pulling you out of the flow you set. Itís one Iíve enjoyed watching over and over again!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video & Editing RU: Damaged

Something about this vid was incredibly ďcatchyĒ. I had the song and the images stuck in my head for weeks after first watching it. The storytelling was so intriguing that you couldnít pull your eyes away from the screen for a second in fear that youíd miss something. There was so much emotion and substance to the clip choices that the overall visual effect was stunningly beautiful. The correlations between Peter and Claire and how they desperately needed someone to understand them pulled at the heartstrings.

The editing certainly stands out as well. There was a ďcleannessĒ to it that was refreshing. The movement of the clips kept my attention drawn to the screen, and the way you used that movement in relation to the subtle changes in the music was incredible. I especially loved the editing and clip choices from :20 to :27, 1:05 to 1:25, and 2:05 to 2:24. Wonderful job. Definitely one of my favorite Heroes vids so far!

Best Editing: Stronger Forest

This was one of the most unique looking vids Iíve seen. Iím not sure how you managed to make each clip look so fresh. The use of overlays was wonderful, and the way you timed both overlays to the beat of the music was astounding! The clip movement was impressive and it kept the energy of the vid at its peak throughout. I especially loved the opening sequence and the editing from 1:40 to 2:00 and from 2:40 to 3:19.

Best Video RU: 4 In The Morning

The editing of his vid was great and the effects were interesting without being too distracting. With the limited amount of Michael/Sara clips that were given to us during the first two season, I was impressed with the way you managed to edit this vid together without it seeming repetitive. However, it was the clip choices and the story that they told that propels this vid to the top. The heart of this vid was what made it stand out so much. Beautiful job!

wolfpup's choice: Sacrifice Yourself

Iím such a sucker for these heavy emotional vids! Iím not 100% sure who ended up dying, if anyone, by the end of this vid. I think I know based on the way you edited the beginning and ending, but I choose to believe you left it open with no answer. *grin* Regardless, I loved everything about this vid! Very interesting clip choices that I havenít already seen a hundred times and the concept behind it was intriguing and unique. I loved the separation of time (if I interpreted correctly) via colorization and the overlaid symbols. Iím not a huge fan of voice-overs, but you used them well and they definitely added to the vid verses being distracting. It was an emotional rollercoaster that Iíve enjoyed over and over since seeing it for the first time. Thanks for sharing!

Judge's Duel Award: I Like The Way You Move

You know you made us create a unique award just for this vid, right? Both brighette and I couldnít choose between it and our other choices for the Judgeís Choice awards. We had never had that happen before, so we thought that honor deserved special recognition. The energy of this vid was incredible. The sequencing and movement was so infectious it couldnít help but make the viewer smile. Alec is one of my top 5 television characters ever, and I think you captured why to perfection. It made me want to pull out my season two dvds of Dark Angel and start watching them all over again. Actually, I think Iíll just watch the vid again instead. The song and images are going to be stuck in my head for a long time. Great job!!