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brighette's reviews

Best Video & brighette's choice: Change

This is the perfect song for the evolution of Lex and the ending of his and Clark’s friendship; it’s creepy, dark and unrelenting, and your editing matches it to the tee. I loved the use of the external pictures from the comics, they immediately draw you in and add something unique to your story. You draw excellent parallels between Lionel and Lex, Clark and Lex, and their decidedly different relationships with their fathers. Your choice of clips is stunning, telling the story of how Lex could change from good to evil; it’s such a thin line at times. Lex is a great villain, in that we can empathize with him, and you make sure we do! A truly great character study.

Best Editing: The Noose

Your editing is beautiful; you have a great sense of the music and use it so effectively. Languorous clips blend expertly with quick edits, creating this urgent dreamlike quality that I absolutely loved and worked very well with your focus on the paintings and precognition. It was original and tied your story together consistently from beginning to end. The bridge starting at 1:50 and going through 2:34 was amazing; the cuts between scenes was well done, and I loved the reversed clips, both here and throughout the vid. Your use of effects was just right, adding movement and emphasis without being obvious. This is one I can watch repeatedly and catch something new each time.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Change

I was so impressed with this vid that it’s hard to single out individual things to comment on. I can’t think of a single thing that wasn’t perfect. The song was a fantastic choice to show the relationship between Lex and Clark and how it has evolved over the past several years - from that incidental meeting on the bridge to the start of the legend that we all know. Your clip choices were unique (like the one of them walking together at :36) and really captured the song, both lyrically and musically. The movement and pacing of the clips refused to let me look away for even a moment. I loved the symbolism you used throughout the vid, such as the glass dropping from :52 to :54. There were many more great ones; that’s just one example. The interspersed clips with the b&w stills, which I assume were from the comics, were brilliantly used and they added so much to the uniqueness of the overall vid that I kept waiting to see what you’d use next. Loved the stop and still with the b&w from 2:30 to 3:00. It really fit well with the pacing of the song. The flashing effects and overlays from 3:38 to 3:41 were wonderfully done, as well. Although I loved the first 4 or 5 years of Smallville, I’ve started losing interest lately. However, this vid has gotten me psyched about upcoming episodes. I will be watching it over and over. Thanks for sharing!

Best Editing: The Noose

First of all, this was a very appropriate song choice for a Peter vid and you used the lyrics very nicely with the clip selections that you chose. The editing for this vid really made an impression because of the way you interspersed clips and how effectively you hit the beats in the music. The opening sequence was very nice. I think we’ve all seen those clips of Peter on the edge a hundred times, but the way you spliced them together made them seem fresh. I was extremely impressed with the beat usage and clip splicing from 1:50 to 2:20 and the timing of the blood drops at 2:54. You’re attention to detail for even those little touches definitely showed throughout the entire vid.

wolfpup's choice: Smile Like You Mean It

So, you might be asking yourself why I picked this vid for my judge’s choice since 95% of the time I go for the angsty angle, right? Well, I know this vid comes across initially as a fun, make you smile (no pun intended) vid. However, I tend to delve a little deeper and, whether it was intentional or not, this vid actually comes across to me as pretty darn sad. I found myself smiling along with the boys whenever those clips emerged. However, knowing those smiles are so few and far between, and the reason why, pulls at the heartstrings. They really have had so little to smile about in their lives that it makes me ache wishing they could smile (and mean it) a lot more than they do. Putting all that aside, though, I loved the general movement of this vid and the clip choices that seemed almost random in some spots, but still added to the overall “story” in the most subtle of ways. There’s definitely something to be proud of when you can make someone smile one second, then have them sniffling for the characters the next. Brilliantly done!