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brighette's reviews

Best Video: John Winchester Special Theme

What an amazing John vid! The song was an excellent choice. It fit John perfectly -- it was angry and frantic, yet underneath all those hard edges, he cares so much about his family. Yep, that sounds like the John I know!

The use of the pans and zooms was spot on and added to the lyrics; to me, it seemed to be showing that John felt like he wasnít in control of the events in his life, it was zooming past him and he couldnít stop it.

The storyline was so well laid out, progressing from Mary and YED, to his relationship with the boys, to the boys and YED and then his own deal with YED -- it all came full circle and showed each aspect to Johnís character. Grieving husband, caring father who doesnít always know what to do, and of course, the hunter. Amazingly well rounded and complete!

Some highlights of what I thought were just really nice touches: Johnís dream of Mary that morphs into seeing her pinned to the wall; glancing in the rear view mirror and seeing her; the blending of John/Demon!John at 2:18; his reflections starting at 3:18. Each time I watch it, I see something new... great job!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: John Winchester Special Theme

Wow! Iím not really sure what else to say about this one. I loved the song choice, and the way you used the music in combination with the clips. For some reason, I especially liked the fact that the title was buried in the vid after the intro. I thought that was a very nice touch! The use of zooming in and zooming out was also very well done. The way you panned your shots and used the zoom features made a lot of the clips look new and ďfreshĒ. The white flashes fit perfectly with the beats of the music and the pacing of the whole thing was fantastic. Of course, the subject matter was also intriguing and I pretty much gobbled up every second of it. The overlays of John with the demon and the way you played the two rival characters against each other was great. Another nice touch was towards the end when you included shots of Little!Dean and Little!Sam in combination with the Dean and Sam of today. All and all, it was a beautiful look at Johnís character, what drove him to do the things he did, and the regrets that followed him.