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brighette's review

Muse Special Theme
Best Video: Map of the Problematique

It's been a few years since I've seen this movie, but this made me want to go out and see it again right now! Your clip choices and lyrical interpretations were excellent, and your music use was absolutely spot on. You show the emptiness of these characters as they search for something more in all the drugs, sex and parties. All the while, the poor food service girl is overlooked along the way - and great job skimming over her and flashing on how we overlooked her ourselves - and there's the real tragedy of it all. I loved how you edited the suicides together, and the aftermath. The repeated use of certain clips from the beginning helped bookend the vid in a very dark way; so little has changed despite so much happenstance.

wolfpup's review

Muse Special Theme
Best Video: Map of the Problematique

I must be living in a bubble cause I haven't seen this movie yet, but I certainly want to see it now. That's always the sign of an awesome vid! I loved the motion you incorporated; the way you kept things moving constantly, which isn't always easy without a lot of action going on. Absolutely loved the split screen around 1:30 that combined back into one clip, as well as the flashed clip sequence around 2:00. Clip selection was also impressive. There were lots of great sequences where you mirrored thoughts and feeling between the different characters. Seriously, I'm going to go out and rent/buy this movie now. Thanks!