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brighette's review

Episodic Special Theme
Best Video: Enjoy The Silence

This was so much fun to watch! The creepy opening (little girls chanting lullabies will always bring to mind Freddy Krueger for meand I love Nightmare on Elm Street!) with the perfect song choice had me hooked from go. Your titling called to mind old horror films as well; it felt not only like an episodic, but an homage to the movies I've always loved. You did an excellent job recapping this episode; I especially liked how you used all the written messages to really move the story along. While that was such an important part of the show, you really made it an integral part of your vid, something I've don't think I've ever seen in any Hush episodic. You had excellent timing, using your beats with nice editing and clip changes, and your use of effects was just enough. This is now one of my favorite episodics ever really well done!

wolfpup's review

Episodic Special Theme
Best Video: Enjoy The Silence

First of all, what an awesome song choice to use for this episode. Honestly, I don't think you could have found a better one. And, boy, did you use it to its full potential! I loved the "dream-like" quality to the opening, and the way you jumped into the song at :30. The wonderful beat use helped set the mood before the song really took off at 1:20. Actually, your music use throughout the vid was absolutely wonderful. I loved the use of all the "scribbled writings" to help capture the feel of the episode. And, dude, I was even impressed with your voiceovers at the beginning and end. Two thumbs up on that (and that's saying something because brighette and I are both extremely critical on the use of voiceovers in vids). And the ending... that was just freakin creepy, man! I think Im going to have nightmares of that little dude tonight!