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brighette's review

Superhero Special Theme
Best Video: Wasteland

First off, excellent song choice; I wasnít familiar with the song, but then I rarely am with your vids. Though they almost always end up on my iPod shortly afterwards, and many thanks for introducing me to new music! This song set the tone perfectly, and you have a true gift for being able to use the music and lyrics to their fullest. From the opening fades, to the nice clip changes and in-clip action on the beats, and all the movement you added, this one is full of life and hard to pull your eyes away from. The vid was dark and intense, and I loved the story you told through it. The villains in the Spider-Man movies are fleshed out and not just "bad guys" Ė they have a story, and are all the more evil because of who they were. You show that, and the fine line between good and evil; itís often crossed because of the best of intentions, but once crossed, itís hard to go back. It would be hard for me to pick out individual parts to focus on, but Iím always a sucker for in-clip action, and these really stood out: the spine attaching at 0:48, the explosions at 1:19 and the body thrown through the windows at 2:10. And then the longing you captured from 2:51-3:03, followed by the wonderful lyrical interpretation of "self inflicted his perdition" with the Green Goblins... beautiful work! I can watch it again and again and catch something new each time, and thatís always the mark of a great vid!

wolfpup's review

Superhero Special Theme
Best Video: Wasteland

Thatís what I call a vid! You managed to capture every aspect of what makes a vid really stand out. Itís been forever since Iíve watched one of the Spiderman movies and this vid made me want to go out and buy them all on Blu-Ray tomorrow. Not only did you choose an awesome song, but you managed to use it to its full potential. Iím a total sucker for how vids flow, and the pacing on this one was absolutely wonderful. I found myself constantly drawn to the beat uses and the changes in rhythm as the song shifted from refrain to chorus to bridge and back again. And, yeah, Iím also a sucker for storytelling and you didnít disappoint there, either. This vid packed a very nice punch that ran a gamut of emotions. It really drove home Peterís desire to want to help others and how the heroism required to bring that desire to life is not always so easy to achieve. The parallelism you used to get from point A to point B and the symbolism behind some of your clip choices really stood out. I love it when a vidder uses subtle images one wouldnít normally think of to relay a certain emotion. Some of my favorite selections: (1) the beginning all the way up to 0:28. The solemn tone from the opening clip, the jump into the action at 0:15 and the content of the clip selections from 0:20 through 0:28 really helped set the stage for the entire vid; (2) 1:33 through 1:58; (3) 2:45 through 3:10, and (4) the last few seconds that used full out action that stopped on a dime to really offset the tone at the beginning of the vid... which made a great bookend! Huh... I think I just specifically pointed out about half the vid, didnít I? Anyway, beautiful work... now whereís my Spiderman movie?