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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Christmas 2007 Special Theme

I wasnít familiar with the music, and wasnít quite sure how it would work for Supernatural, but your effective storytelling quickly overcame any doubts I might have had. Deanís wish for a normal family and Christmas was heartwrenching, and we know that wish really is a part of him. But he knows itís not possible, so he makes do with the life heís been given. And it may not have been what could have been, but itís enough for him. And it was so poignant and heartfelt, that it had be smiling despite the bittersweet twinge. Well done!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Christmas 2007 Special Theme

The real beauty of this vid is in the sentimentality. The interpretation between lyrics and clips is beautiful and unique, and the storytelling is wonderful. I loved the way you used the wavy fades to elicit a dreamlike quality. And the way you jumped into the full color shots on the beat of the music and with the clinking glasses each time was perfect. This video definitely filled me with Christmas warmth.