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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Lord Of The Rings Special Theme

What a great opening, with the Middle Earth map and all of our major players! Iíll admit, though, the song threw me for a loop at 0:48 when it picked up pace. I wasnít expecting a hard rock type of song with LoTR; Iím used to soundtrack type classical pieces, and I wasnít sure what I was going to think. But then at 0:55, your amazing editing blew me away, and all skepticism fell to the wayside as I was caught up in this truly astounding vid! Visually, this is such a lush video. Your effects are well timed and never feel like too much. The clips in the water starting at 3:34, for example, were just beautiful. And your use of the music was perfect. Quick edits like from 4:27-4:51, long sweeping scenes when the music slowed... truly well done. And the ending with pages of the story, great idea and very nicely executed. And even though this was just over eight minutes long, I wouldnít have wanted it any shorter! I didnít even notice the time until I was over five minutes in, and I was happy to see I still had three more minutes to go. By far, the best LoTR vid Iíve seen Ė and Iím going to have to go check out your other work!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Lord Of The Rings Special Theme

Dude, thereís no way I can point out all the awesomeness of this vid. I usually donít have a lot of patience for vids that are over five minutes long, but I think I could have watched this one even if it would have went over ten minutes. The music itself was very dynamic and you used it to every extent possible so that the vid never seemed dull or lingering. The pacing was perfect and riveted me to the screen... and that doesnít even take into account the editing, which was utterly fantastic throughout the piece. There were so many instances where I simply smiled at your delivery -- from the chaos of the harder, driven sections to the smooth flow throughout the softer passages to the stop/start sequences.

Besides the technical aspects of the vid, you also wove a beautiful story, with brilliant clip choices that really held an emotional punch. From the beginning with Gollum peering out from the bars to the ship at the end, I could tell you put a lot of thought into your storyline and how you wanted to tell it. Around the five minute mark, the music gave you the perfect place to cut the vid, but kudos to you for carrying through to the end and fully characterizing the epic of the movies. On my list of top 5 vids ever!