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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Bones Special Theme

I liked the focus in this, how Booth sees Brennan and is always there for her throughout the ups and downs they have had together. Your editing style worked nicely with the music. The zooms, overlays, flashes, split screens and coloring all went well in mirroring the music, creating this sense of time flashing by with nice pauses at certain times; it felt very much like seeing Booth’s memories. And the quick pacing, while following the music, did more than that; it helped with an intensity for the “emergency” theme. You did a great job capturing the nuances of their relationship – the deep friendship and respect, the frustrations, and the tension that’s always there underneath. Well done!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Bones Special Theme

I don’t really watch Bones so it’s hard for me to comment on the actual content of the vid; however, I loved the style and general editing technique. Very nice use of timing and overall clip movement. It kept the vid interesting and entertaining. I especially liked the way you stopped the clips zooms through the more meaningful lyrics to really draw attention to the theme of the vid. The use of colors was also unique and fresh, and made this vid stick out from all the others. Great job!