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Special Theme 12 Nominees

The following videos were received as nominees in Special Theme 12.

Special Theme Round 12: Episodic Vids (closes August 1, 2008)

Number of Entries: 26

Submission 1

  • Name: EllesSacrifice
  • Video: In The Sun
  • Song/Artist: In The Sun
  • Site Name: EllesSacrifice
  • Summary: This is my first Grey's Anatomy video, it's an episodic video which follows my two favorite episodes of the series. "It's the end of the world" "As we know it" For those of you who haven't seen the episode(s) basically the girl sticks her hand inside a guy's chest who is bleeding out. If she removes her hand he will die. Plus the reason he's bleeding out is because he was shot...with a bazooka. lol. Anyway there is basically a bomb lodged inside the guy's stomach and if she removes her hand it could potentially go off and kill everyone.

Submission 2

  • Name: Karen B.
  • Video: Receding Waves
  • Song/Artist: Comfortably Numb / Pink Floyd
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: Episode related: The Fix. Hutch involuntarily enters a mind numbing world...it's up to Starsky to see him through.

Submission 3

  • Name: Nikki
  • Video: Chosen
  • Song/Artist: Requiem For A Dream Remix
  • Site Name: Mouth Of Madness
  • Summary: Trailer for the series finale "chosen".

Submission 4

Submission 5

  • Name: divine_chick
  • Video: The Game
  • Song/Artist: The Game By Motorhead
  • Site Name: Divine Awards
  • Summary: Episodic of in the dark...Angel is all about saving people and now an old friend has come to town and wants something Angel has (The ring of amara)..after playing spikes game angel decided the ring isnt worth it and destroys it!

Submission 6

  • Name: KJ@svala
  • Video: Hell's Fury
  • Song/Artist: Immediate music
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: Stargate SG-1 Cameron Mitchell Video, based on the Season 9 ep. "Collateral Damage" In this ep. Cam had (was forced) to remember, again and again, the same events. This wasn`t easy for him to do. Based on this I used, again and again, the same clips for this Video.

Submission 7

Submission 8

  • Name: Cordy
  • Video: Until It Sleeps
  • Song/Artist: Until It Sleeps by Metallica
  • Site Name: Charming Like A God
  • Summary: Is Buffy really getting crazy? - A vid based on the episode "Normal Again".

Submission 9

  • Name: Aruna7
  • Video: This Is Not The End
  • Song/Artist: Xena OST by The Double Life of Weronika OST (Joseph LoDuca, Z. Prieznew)
  • Site Name: Beyond Hope - Aruna7
  • Summary: Episodic vid for season 1 The Greater Good. Gabrielle doesn't want to accept Xena's death and will do all she can either to bring her friend back, or to honour her memory.

Submission 10

  • Name: Phibi
  • Video: Never Meant To Fail
  • Song/Artist: Never Meant To Fail by Alex Lloyd
  • Site Name: My LiveJournal
  • Summary: This video is for the final episode of Torchwood season 2 and meant as a tribute for the two characters we lost in that episode.

Submission 11

  • Name: Thandie
  • Video: Stay Close
  • Song/Artist: You Made It by DJ Shadow
  • Site Name: My poetry in motion
  • Summary: episodic vid, for 'What is and what should never be'

Submission 12

  • Name: McKenzie
  • Video: Running Up That Hill
  • Song/Artist: Running Up That Hill by Placebo
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: This video focuses on the episode "Aliens in a Spaceship" in the second season of the FOX television show, Bones. An overview on how much Booth and Brennan trust, rely, and believe in each other. It also shows how close and well these group of people work together. Especially, Bones and Hodgins as they are buried alive; they put aside their fears and figure out a way to survive until they are saved.

Submission 13

  • Name: Denise
  • Video: What's Left for Me?
  • Song/Artist: What's Left for Me? by Days of the New
  • Site Name: Phoenix Rising
  • Summary: The things one man gives up for the love of his brother. Fandom: Supernatural Episode: No Rest for the Wicked

Submission 14

Submission 15

  • Name: Tami Brandt
  • Video: Hotel California
  • Song/Artist: Hotel California
  • Site Name: Sunnydale Stories
  • Summary: In 1952, Angel left a hotel full of people to the terror of a paranoia demon. 50 Years later, he returns to take possession of the Hyperion, but did he ever leave? Episodic of ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN...? Rated PG-13

Submission 16

  • Name: Valika
  • Video: The Battle at Antarctica
  • Song/Artist: Liberation! by Immediate Music
  • Site Name: My Stargate Music Videos
  • Summary: Based on Lost City two-parter, SG-1 Season 7, showing the great battle at Antarctica and relationship between the members of SG-1.

Submission 17

  • Name: xtexan86
  • Video: It's Not My Time
  • Song/Artist: It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
  • Site Name: YouTube
  • Summary: The boys find themselves lured into a deserted barn, along with an uninvited stowaway, by a man intent on killing Hutch in this episode entitled "The Trap"

Submission 18

  • Name: Andrea
  • Video: Hush
  • Song/Artist: Danse Macabre by Saint Saens
  • Site Name: Buffy and Angel Art
  • Summary: Episodic of 'Hush' BtVS S4

Submission 19

Submission 20

  • Name: Loki
  • Video: We Live Like This
  • Song/Artist: We Are Broken by Paramore
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: Episodic video for Supernatural 1.12 “Faith” episode.

Submission 21

Submission 22

  • Name: AlcoholicPixie
  • Video: It's My Disaster (Not Yours)
  • Song/Artist: Look To Your Orb For The Warning by Monster Magnet
  • Site Name: KK_Twin
  • Summary: An episodic recap for SPN 2.08 Crossroad Blues.

Submission 23

  • Name: Skeezerbeans
  • Video: Enjoy The Silence
  • Song/Artist: Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode (remix by Sasha and Digweed)
  • Site Name: Visual Dreamtime
  • Summary: An episodic overview of BTVS season 4 episode 10, "HUSH". The Gentlemen, fairy tale monsters, come to Sunnydale and steal the whole town's voices so that they can't scream when the Gentlemen come to cut out their hearts. Buffy and the gang work as fast as they can to get their voices back because the one thing that can kill the Gentlemen, is the scream of a princess, in this case that's Buffy. Riley and his commandos are working just as hard. At this point Buffy nor Riley know of each other's secret identities until they find themselves fighting for their lives, as a team, against the Gentlemen.

Submission 24

  • Name: JessicaJ
  • Video: The Finish Line
  • Song/Artist: The Finish Line by Snow Patrol
  • Site Name: jessicaj.angstnromance/
  • Summary: 77MB BSG Episodic Vid, centered on Lee Adama during Resurrection Ship pt. 2. A study of Lee's state of mind during the episode (i.e. why he decides to give up...) and a little bit of the friendship he shares with Kara.

Submission 25

  • Name: Tulzdavampslayer
  • Video: We're So Screwed
  • Song/Artist: I Predict a Riot by Kaiser Chiefs
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: When Aeryn is captured by the Scarrans, John and the rest of Moya's crew stage a rescue attempt. It goes according to plan except for the fact that Scorpius is taken prisoner. To protect the information Scorpius holds, they must travel deep into Scarran space, crash a peace conference and generally cause as much havok as they can.

Submission 26

  • Name: Ancasta
  • Video: I Love You, Rosey Malone - A Fairy Tale
  • Song/Artist: Air by Handel
  • Site Name: Ancasta's Corner
  • Summary: And now for something completely different. This is a crack vid, I cannot deny. It's a slashy retelling of the episode, I Love You, Rosey Malone. It was created in the form of a fairy tale.