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Special Theme 14 Nominees

The following videos were received as nominees in Special Theme 14.

Special Theme Round 14: Johnny Depp (closes October 10, 2008)

Number of Entries: 5

Submission 1

  • Name: Sheree-Lynn
  • Video: A Sorta Fairytale
  • Song/Artist: A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: A video on James and Sylvia (Finding Neverland)

Submission 2

  • Name: Liv Niggle
  • Video: Pretender
  • Song/Artist: Pretender by Foo Fighters
  • Site Name: Firefly that loved Metallica
  • Summary: A "Pirates of the Caribbean" vid. Jack/Will. Enemies can become friends - or even something more. A story of confrontation and attraction.

Submission 3

  • Name: Ashten
  • Video: Stay with Me - Sparrabeth AU
  • Song/Artist: Stay With Me by Dannity Kane
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: This video is 140.46 MB, and it's honestly the smallest file size of any of my current works. I really hope that isn't an issue. This video has a storyline, however, for the sake of not wanting to ruin the ending, the story is at the end of the video instead of in the description. All you really need to know is that Jack & Elizabeth have been pirating together for a few years. Follow the lyrics & you should be fine.

Submission 4

  • Name: DPFanvids
  • Video: Faint
  • Song/Artist: Faint by Linkin Park
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: AU. After the events of killing his wife and the judge (who apparantly were having an affair) Sweeney Todd tries to turn to the only person whom he has left: Nellie Lovett. But after all the distress and despair that he put on her, Mrs. Lovett doesn't want him much anymore- but Sweeney wants to be with her to the point where he drives himself mad.

Submission 5

  • Name: Amber Lynn V.
  • Video: From the Inside of Jack
  • Song/Artist: From the Inside by Linkin Park
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: This vid features the deeper perhaps darker side of Jack Sparrow. He is often viewed as comic relief but there's a lot more under the surface. He's been betrayed by many and has done his fair share of betraying in return, and this vid explores the toll this has taken on the person he is, on the inside.