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The following videos have been received as nominees in the current special theme round.
If you have submitted your video and you do not see it listed within 48 hours, please email the judges.

Special Theme Round 2: No Series Finale (closes August 17, 2007)

Number of Entries: 8

Submission 1

  • Name: We're Doomed
  • Video: Guns A Blazin'
  • Song/Artist: Unknown Instrumental
  • Site Name: HammerPixVideo
  • Summary: Non-stop action packed compilation of Firefly/Serenity.

Submission 2

  • Name: Dooski
  • Video: Dark Angel Season 3
  • Song/Artist: Click Click Boom by Saliva
  • Site Name: thedooski
  • Summary: A trailer for the 3rd season of Dark Angel (had there been one!). White is still the bad guy, but who's standing beside Max?

Submission 3

  • Name: Andrea
  • Video: Fix You
  • Song/Artist: Fix You by Cold Play
  • Site Name: Buffy & Angel Art
  • Summary: General ensemble overview of the series - will being together on Serenity fix the problems of the passengers & crew?, maybe.

Submission 4

  • Name: MJade
  • Video: We're Drowning/Surface
  • Song/Artist: Drowning by Gravity Kills
  • Site Name: Restless Nightmares
  • Summary: A egg is found in the sea by two teenagers. They have no idea what they have unleashed on their town, or what is to come. (15 episodes-cancelled)

Submission 5

  • Name: Firefly_Ca
  • Video: California
  • Song/Artist: California by The Moffats
  • Site Name: Fanvids by Firefly_Ca
  • Summary: Lasting only four (!) episodes, Drive was a fast-paced, cleverly-written, entirely wasted opportunity by FOX about an illegal road race across America. This is an overview of what the show managed to do in the very (very) short time it lasted.

Submission 6

  • Name: Victoria
  • Video: Living Dead Girl
  • Song/Artist: Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
  • Site Name: In Sleep He Sang To Me
  • Summary: Christina brings damnation upon the quiet town of Point Pleasant.

Submission 7

  • Name: Chevy
  • Video: Pain Redefined
  • Song/Artist: Pain Redefined by Disturbed
  • Site Name: Chevy's Artjournal
  • Summary: The vid tells the story of Max and Alec and the Manticorians and the difficulties they experience.

Submission 8

  • Name: Dayln
  • Video: Paper Flowers
  • Song/Artist: Imaginary by Evanescence
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: River Tam's struggle to make sense of her fragmented and painful memories so she can start again on Serenity *Filesize is 88MB*