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Special Theme 29 Nominees

Special Theme Round 29: The Ancient World (closes February 4, 2011)

Number of Entries: 11

Submission 1

  • Name: Balistik
  • Video: Quest
  • Song/Artist: Chad Kroeger ft Josey Scott - Hero
  • Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings trilogy
  • Site Name: Lost Vision
  • Description: Vid centered around Aragorn throughout all three movies.

Submission 2

  • Name: Heather
  • Video: No Life Without You
  • Song/Artist: Join Me In Death - H.I.M.
  • Fandom: Spartacus: Blood and Sand
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Description: *CONTAINS NUDITY AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS* Focuses on the relationship between Spartacus and Sura.

Submission 3

Submission 4

  • Name: Jesuit
  • Video: D&D
  • Song/Artist: D&D by 3OH!3
  • Fandom: Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire
  • Site Name: Jesuit24's Veedyos
  • Description: Finally, a historial/mythical parody exists.

Submission 5

  • Name: Jaidanwolf
  • Video: The Rules of Mice and Men
  • Song/Artist: Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall
  • Fandom: Rome
  • Site Name: The Right Side
  • Description: Series overview, focusing on the central and supporting characters throughout both seasons, their unimaginable levels of suffering, struggles, political and personal relationships and the brutal world that they lived in.

Submission 6

  • Name: Aruna7
  • Video: I won't give in
  • Song/Artist: Stand my ground (Within Temptation)
  • Fandom: Gladiator
  • Site Name: Beyond Hope
  • Description: This video is about Maximus's struggle to help restore justice in the Roman Empire, from his fall following Marcus Aurelius's death to his final stand in the arena.

Submission 7

  • Name: ADF Productions
  • Video: Pieces
  • Song/Artist: Pieces by Red
  • Fandom: Spartacus: Blood And Sand
  • Site Name: ADF Productions
  • Description: A Crixus/Naevia montage. I have to say that I have jumped on this ship and there is no going back whatsoever! If you're not familiar with Spartacus: Blood and Sand then I'll just give you a little description of this relationship. Crixus is a slave/Gladiator who is the champion of Capua. Naevia is a personal slave to Lucretia, whose husband owns the Ludus (gladiator training school) in Capua and owns Crixus as well. Crixus and Naevia fall in love and are soon found out and punished. Naevia is traded off and Crixus vows to not stop looking for her until she is in his arms again.

Submission 8

Submission 9

Submission 10

  • Name: mresundance
  • Video: Like Home
  • Song/Artist: Chocolate/Snow Patrol
  • Fandom: Alexander
  • Site Name: In the Sun
  • Description: "All these places feel like home."

Submission 11

  • Name: Galadriel
  • Video: We Will Meet Again
  • Song/Artist: We will meet again - VAST
  • Fandom: Spratacus: Blood and Sand
  • Site Name: Galadriel's Home
  • Description: Spartacus/Sura vid. Maybe NC-17.