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Special Theme 30 Nominees

Special Theme Round 30: Feel-Good Romance (closes March 4, 2011)

Number of Entries: 10

Submission 1

  • Name: Karen B.
  • Video: Sexy Boys
  • Song/Artist: WWE: Shawn Micheals-Sexy Boy
  • Fandom: Supernatural
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Description: Dean taugh Sammy everything he knows about romance and girls. Uh-oh!

Submission 2

  • Name: Mazza
  • Video: Dreaming Of You
  • Song/Artist: Dreaming Of You by Sarah Brightman
  • Fandom: Angel/Buffy
  • Site Name: Buffy and Angel Music Videos
  • Description: AU: A sweet little AU video following Buffy and Angel as they fall in love with one another through their dreams and fantasies alone. Set from both POV.

Submission 3

  • Name: KRL2008
  • Video: You Make Me Smile
  • Song/Artist: Smile by Uncle Kracker
  • Fandom: Primeval
  • Site Name: Kayla's Fanvids
  • Description: A fluffy Abby/Connor video.

Submission 4

  • Name: Jesuit
  • Video: No One's Gonna Love You
  • Song/Artist: No One's Gonna Love You by Band Of Horses
  • Fandom: Caprica
  • Site Name: Jesuit24's Veedyos
  • Description: I'll understand if this gets disqualified; it's a very feel-good and soppy ship video of Zoe & Philo... right up until the end...

Submission 5

  • Name: xXLoveEdwardCullenXx
  • Video: Oh My My My
  • Song/Artist: Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift
  • Fandom: Twilight
  • Site Name: Cosmiic Horiizons
  • Description: Just a cute Alice and Jasper video!

Submission 6

  • Name: Mariana
  • Video: Kiss Me
  • Song/Artist: Kiss Me by Sixpence none the richer
  • Fandom: Multifandom
  • Site Name: AlwaysHoldingOn
  • Description: Fluffy romance.

Submission 7

  • Name: Diar
  • Video: Five O'Clock World
  • Song/Artist: Five O'Clock World by The Vogues
  • Fandom: Wall-E
  • Site Name: LJ
  • Description: JWall-E's well ordered life full of routine changes when Eve appears.

Submission 8

  • Name: Firefly_Ca
  • Video: My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
  • Song/Artist: My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend by Relient K
  • Fandom: The Office (US)
  • Site Name: Fanvideos by Firefly_Ca
  • Description: Jim owes a lot to Pam's ex Roy. After all, if he hadn't been so bad at the whole boyfriend thing, Jim never would have gotten the girl of his dreams.

Submission 9

  • Name: mresundance
  • Video: One Week
  • Song/Artist: One Week by The Barenaked Ladies
  • Fandom: Sherlock BBC
  • Site Name: In the Sun
  • Description: I'm the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral. Sherlock/John. Slash. I make no apologies.

Submission 10

  • Name: dragonchic
  • Video: I Want Your Wonderwall
  • Song/Artist: I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 and Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Fandom: Smallville
  • Site Name: Modern Mythology
  • Description: "Following the girl I didn't even want around." Clark/Lois.