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Special Theme Round 8: Heath Ledger (closes March 14, 2008)

Number of Entries: 5

Submission 1

  • Name: Skeezerbeans
  • Video: In Loving Memory: Heath Ledger
  • Song/Artist: In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge
  • Site Name: Visual Dreamtime
  • Summary: This is just a simple video in honor of Heath. It includes some of my favorite moments from his films. I made this just a couple of days after his death with no intention of entering it into a competition, so just take it for what it is, a sentimental tribute to an actor whom I loved a great deal for a long time. There's no fancy editing, just the raw emotion I felt when I made it. I don't expect to win anything but since I already had it made I thought I'd toss it in the round anyway. Twelve of his films are represented in this video since that's all I had on my computer. It was made with a lot of love and respect for Heath who I will miss for a long time to come. Even if it's not the best Heath video you receive, I hope you enjoy it and remember him for what a fantastic actor he was when you watch.

Submission 2

  • Name: Ornella
  • Video: Far Away
  • Song/Artist: Far Away by Nickelback
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: A Jack/Ennis video, showing how much it hurts them to be away from each other. The first part is from Ennis's POV, and the second from Jack's POV.

Submission 3

  • Name: Val
  • Video: A Knight's Tale - Kissing in the Rain
  • Song/Artist: Kissing in the Rain by Patrick Doyle from the 'Great Expectations' soundtrack
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: A simple montage I did for this amazing movie with the amazing Heath Ledger ! May he R.I.P ...

Submission 4

  • Name: Rose
  • Video: Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye
  • Song/Artist: Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye by Chantal Kreviazuk
  • Site Name: Rose's Whispers Productions
  • Summary: Kinda sorta a Heath Ledger 'tribute' video... clips from The Order, Candy, Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Patriot, The Dark Knight, Lords of Dogtown. I had to dig deep to make this video and it truly comes from my heart. He is so missed.

Submission 5

  • Name: TonyToni
  • Video: Goodbye My Lover
  • Song/Artist: Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt
  • Site Name: N/A
  • Summary: It's my tribute to the movie BBM, and for those we've loved then lost. If anyone had problem download it, here's the URL to view on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynxkMjeo1jA