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The following categories are available for judging. You may enter your vid in up to three of the categories listed. All vids will be entered into the Best Video, Best Editing, and Judge's Choice Awards. If a category does not have at least two submissions, it will be held over until the next round. Awards of Excellence may be given in some rounds.

All vids are automatically entered into these categories:

  • Best Video - Overall best vid; concept is clear, editing is clean and music is well chosen.
  • Best Editing - Vid with best technical editing. Cuts and transitions are smooth and effects are well chosen and placed.
  • Judge's Choice - Totally subjective, this goes to each judge’s favorite vid, regardless of technique displayed.
  • Duel Award - Sporadically awarded when both judges' feel a particularly strong appreciation for a certain vid.
  • Award Of Excellence - Vid that the judges feel deserves extra special recognition, but did not win a category award.

Pick up to four of the following for your vid:

  • Best Action - Fast-paced, fight scenes, chases, explosions, etc.
  • Best Alternative - Alternate universes, crossovers, trailers, etc.
  • Best Angst - Best display of anxiety, despair and/or frustration. (Possible tearjerker)
  • Best Character - Focus is a character-centric storyline.
  • Best Drama - Emotionally driven, story follows what the character(s) have been through.
  • Best Ensemble - Follows multiple characters and brings their stories together.
  • Best Feel-Good - Best displays the ability to make the viewer smile. Can be comedic (standard or black), or simply have that awww-factor.
  • Best Music Use - Song choice fits the subject matter. Clip choices and lyrics are woven together to create the story, and the pacing of the clips fits the music.
  • Best Original - Something not often seen; could be a differing POV, unusual pairing of characters, original concept/stylization, etc.
  • Best Overview - Best summarizes an aspect or premise of an episode, a season, or the overall show itself.
  • Best POV - Focus is from a character’s point-of-view, not just about the character.
  • Best Relationship - Relationship between two characters; this includes shipper vids, friendship vids, etc.
  • Best Storyteller - Edited to tell a story; can be one or multiple characters. Narrative should be coherent and well laid out.
  • Best Vidlet - Short vid, less than 2 minutes in length, that has the best editing and concept.

Only applicable to the BOTB rounds:

  • Best Vidder - Vidder submitted four or more vids during the BOTB round. Vidder produced consistent high quality vids with clear concepts, clean editing, and effective music use.
  • Best Editor - Vidder submitted four or more vids during the BOTB round. Vidder showed exceptional technical editing with smooth cuts and transitions, well chosen effects, and diverse skills.