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RULES, FAQ, and Judging Process


1. We strongly feel that at least one judge needs to be familiar with a TV show for vids to be fairly weighed against each other. However, at the same time, we want to accept as many fandoms as possible. Therefore, in addition to our standard list of fandoms (which will always be accepted), there will be some additional fandoms that will change from round to round depending on the co-judge for that particular round. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you to determine which shows are allowed for any given round. If you have any questions on whether or not a fandom is eligible for a round you wish to enter, just tag us or send an email. Our list of accepted fandoms can be found here: ACCEPTED FANDOMS

2. Only submit your own work - DO NOT use clips from other vids. If your submission is found to contain stolen clips, it will be disqualified and you will be banned from future rounds.

3. Rounds close after 25 entries are received. You may only submit one video per round. Please do not submit while a round is closed or ask us to hold a spot for you.

4. There is no filesize limit but we would appreciate your keeping submissions under 100MB. If your entry is larger than 100MB, please note that in your description.

5. All vids must be downloadable and the URL must remain active throughout the judging process. If you are using a file download site and the download period expires before the judging is complete, we will contact you by email. We would prefer that you not use MegaUpload unless you have to.

6. You may re-enter a vid one additional time if it does not win an award or if it wins an "Award of Excellence". After two separate rounds, if the vid still has not won a category award, it may not be resubmitted unless it has been drastically updated (25% or more).

7. Violence, profanity, and sexual content (including slash) are allowed, but please include a warning in your description.

8. You may enter 4 categories only, and we reserve the right to move your vid to another category if we feel it is appropriate. Please note all vids are automatically entered into Best Editing, Best Video & Judge's Choice. All vids are also eligible for Awards of Excellence.

9. If you have your own website, please link back to this site. Buttons are available here.

10. Please tag us on the tagboard after submitting a vid to ensure we have received your entry. Emails and submission forms are known to go wonky on occasion.

11. Judges' decisions are final. Every effort will be made to judge the submissions objectively, taking into consideration overall editing skill, effects, music/clip choices and concept. Our personal preferences will be reflected in the Judge's Choice awards.

12. Please do not complain if you do not agree with our judging. Perceptions and opinions often vary when evaluating vids.

13. After every 8 rounds a Best of the Best (BOTB) will be held. The judges will decide the overall winners in each category for those 8 rounds.

14. Annual Viewers Choice Awards will be held each April. During the annual VC, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite vids in each category for the past year.


Why just these fandoms? – These shows are watched by one or both judges and we feel that our familiarity with these shows will allow us to judge your vids the best. New fandoms will be added as we start watching new shows!

What about Crossovers? – You may submit vids that have crossovers with other shows not listed in our fandoms, BUT at least half the vid material should come from one of our selected fandoms.

What about Movies? – We are not currently accepting movies. We hold Special Theme Rounds on a regular basis and movies are often allowed in those rounds, depending on the theme.

Do you offer reviews? – We no longer have the time to offer reviews.

How long do the rounds last? – Rounds stay open until 35 nominations are received. We expect to be able to post awards once a month.

Can you hold a spot for me? – Sorry, we do not hold spots. There is always next round!

Why was there no award for that category? – In order to judge a category, there must be at least two nominees, preferably three. If there are not three nominees, the category may be carried forward to the next round. If the vid is nominated in other categories which do have sufficient entries, then they will be judged as usual.


Your Judges - brighette, obsessive24 and wolfpup. wolfpup will judge every round. The remaining two judges will alternate every other round.

General Points:

Basic techniques we will be watching for in our solo judging are:

  • Editing: Cuts and transitions should be clean. Effects should be for just that - effect. They should be used to enhance the vid.
  • Music Use: Shifts in the music should be acknowledged. Does clip speed match the pace and beat?
  • Concept: Vids should have a concept - a theme or story you are trying to tell. A bunch of mismatched clips thrown together without a coherent storyline will not win an award.
  • Clip Choice: Clip choice should follow your concept. They should marry the song to your story.

Please try to avoid some common pitfalls when vidding.

  • "Talking Heads": In other words, excessive clips with lip-movement for no reason will detract from your chances at winning an award.
  • Stray frames: The occasional stray frame will not exclude you from winning an award, but too many of them will.
  • Credit clips: These should be avoided at all costs, they pull your viewer out of the vid and break up the flow. If you still really want to use one, try to pan/zoom/crop to remove the credit portion.
  • Voiceovers: When done well, these aren’t a bad thing. But when done poorly, it can impact your whole vid. Voiceovers should typically not be done over lyrics - let us hear one or the other, not both at the same time. Watch the volume; don’t make us strain to make out the VO, but don’t blast our eardrums! And try to use them for punch; too many VO’s can detract from your overall storyline.
  • Music Use: So you’ve chosen an awesome song, now use it! There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but long drawn out clips during a fast paced song, or vice versa, tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Great beats? Some nice clip changes or in clip action tend to go nicely. Be aware of your music!
  • Clip Editing: You may love that minute long scene in your favorite show, but rarely does it fit well in its entirety in a vid. Edit it down to the meat, or cut it up to use throughout your vid. A clip that runs too long can begin to feel static.
  • Vid Length: For the most part, try to keep your vid length under five minutes. If it’s longer than that, maybe look for places to edit down your song; does the chorus need to be repeated 3 times here, or can you get away with just one? A two minute bridge might be just as effective at one minute.

These are just guidelines, of course, there are always exceptions, but hopefully they help you in the future!

Part One – Solo Judging:

The judges will first download and watch the vids individually. We will be watching for basic understanding of the above vidding techniques. Vids that display a good grasp of technique will move into our collaborative judging.

Part Two – Collaborative Judging:

Once we have reviewed the vids separately and made initial cuts, we will discuss the remaining entries to come to our decision for winners and runner-ups. If a vid made an especially strong impact on both judges, but did not place under any of the categories, that vid may receive an Award of Excellence. Awards of Excellence are set at a very high standard and are not awarded lightly.


...to AVA and FNVA for letting us cobble together our rules, FAQs, and process from their own guidelines.