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brighette's reviews

Best Video & brighette's choice: You Passed By

I have to admit, I was a skeptic after reading your song choice. Avril Lavigne? But you made it work oh so well! The lyrics were perfect for Anders and Lee to remember Kara, and their complicated relationships. Seeing them from their POV’s felt fresh; most of the Kara vids I have seen are from her eyes. This angle, though, somehow brought all the longing to the forefront. She’s a complex character, capable of so much emotion, yet she remains detached and somehow unapproachable, and you were able to show that very well. And the section showing her “relationship” with Leoben was truly chilling to me; her time with him changed her, and the conflict you showed in her – wow. The ending was perfect, showing a young Kara transitioning to her as she gave up her life. Beautiful job!

Best Editing: Rogue Vampire

I never realized Sophia Myles had done so much vampire work! What a great idea to take advantage of that footage and create this amazing alternate universe. An evil!Beth is fun to watch, and the conflict between desire and the desire to do the right thing in Mick was portrayed very well. Your editing was spot on from the very beginning. Mick flashing on Beth, and the counter turning clips set the stage and caught my attention. I also loved the way you used alternating color and grayscale; 1:13-1:20 especially stood out to me. Your ability to blend multiple sources was flawless; this never felt constructed or forced, it flowed so well that you had me believing this could have all happened on Moonlight!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: You Passed By

What a wonderful vid! I have to admit that I’ve only seen a few episodes of BSG, but this vid (in addition to brighette’s insistence that I need to watch the show) has convinced me to cave in and buy S1 on dvd. The emotion behind the storyline was so intense that I could actually feel the heartache bleeding through. It kept me engaged from beginning to end. The movement within the vid was spot on, and the colorization was extremely nice. You used the perfect amount of effects to keep it interesting without overpowering the “heart” of the vid. And the last shots were beautiful. Very nice!!

Best Editing: Rogue Vampire

I immediately fell in love with this vid. The way you edited it together was so seamless it was hard to believe it was an actual AU. From the very first clip the vid definitely caught my attention. The muted color tone was perfect for the atmosphere you were setting, lending it that dark, creepy feeling. It was the perfect song to tell your story and you chose wonderful clip selections in which to tell it. Your use of flash sequences with the timing was absolutely incredible! The fact that you chose to do those flash sequences in and out of full color was pure genius. If folks aren’t already a Moonlight fan, this vid should make them one.

wolfpup's choice: You're A Friend Of Mine

You have absolutely no idea how many times I’ve watched this vid. Seriously, if it was possible to wear out a vid by playing it too much, this one would be dust already. It was the perfect song choice, and you managed to capture every aspect of the guys’ relationship: I smiled, I laughed, I wibbled my lip. I loved the way you circulated through the four seasons during the flashes of the choruses, showing the passage of time and the evolution of the characters. I also really enjoyed the pacing, especially during the beginning sequence and the ending sequence. I started smiling from the first clip and didn’t stop until the end (except to let the occasional lip wibble sneak in). Wonderful vid, and if it’s possible to eventually wear one out, I’m sure I’ll do it before I’m done rewatching.