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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Bye Bye Beautiful

This is an excellent overview of BSG! The music choice works so well with the images and story you put together. You managed to capture all the action, drama and intrigue of the first two seasons in just over four minutes; quite the feat! Even for someone who hasn't watched the show, this would be a hard vid not to get caught up in, I think. The editing is quick, yet always smooth, and your timing is impeccable. You never lose track of the music, emphasizing with longer clips where necessary, and using in clip action like it's simple. I have to say I love the section starting at 1:33; first of all, I'm a sucker for the clips of Kara holding out the gun and giving the signal - they are beautifully shot. But the use of the ships and hearing them fly by is just amazing! Really, just a great job on this one!

Best Editing: Impulse

You have created quite the dark universe with this one, I must say. The coloring, texture and pixilated effects all work well to immediately capture your attention from the start. And really help blend your clips together to create a more cohesive timeline. Darn Kripke for using more and more light each year! And Dean lighting up in prison... there’'s something wrongly hot about that, I have to say ;) You edited clips together very well, creating a completely believable Evil!Dean. The Sam/Dean scene starting at 2:00 was pretty intense; well done and I hope it never comes to pass in canon! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

brighette's choice: Finding Out

I just loved this one! The song choice is so catchy and infectious, it alone could leave you smiling. Put it together with the wonderful story you have to tell, and it's impossible not to. The opening scene was the perfect setup, and I always love it for the not so subtle Lois and Clark foreshadowing. Your clip choices work so well for showing Clark finding out about himself, while Chloe discovers his secrets. These two have a great friendship, and the underlying possibilities for something more are so much fun to explore. The clip choice for "counting my steps" at the opening, loved it! Each chorus, though, became my new favorite section. You managed to capture the wonder and how much they care about each other each time so well. Easily my favorite Chlark vid yet.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Bye Bye Beautiful

I haven't started watching BSG yet. However, a handful of the vids that I've seen here at DPTM has definitely made me want to... this vid certainly being one of them. The music use on this vid was extremely impressive. I loved the way you captured so many different aspects and emotions of the show through the different "moods" of the music. The vid was packed full of action and drama and could seriously be used as an advertisement for the show... and I can say that as someone who really wants to watch it after seeing the vid.

Best Editing: Impulse

Personally I don't like Evil!Dean near as much as Evil!Sam. But I gotta give props to the editing and storytelling on this vid! You fit the clips together so nicely that it seemed like an alternate episode that could have actually aired. The wonderful beat use throughout the vid added to the overall effect, lending that creepy feeling that sends chills down your spine. I also really enjoyed your use of color and non-color. It kept everything fresh and unique. And did I mention the storytelling? Cause that was made of awesome! Two thumbs up for creativity and originality.

wolfpup's choice: Take It To The Limit

It's not a huge surprise to anyone who reads my reviews that I'm a sucker for a good angsty vid. They get my judge's choice ninety percent of the time. And this song was the perfect choice for S4 Hutch. Like most S&H fans I didn't care as much for S4 as the other seasons for a variety of reasons, but this vid definitely showcases the changes we see in Hutch as the show progresses and WHY we see them. You did a beautiful job of capturing that diminishing (yet loyal and driven) spirit that all Hutch fans love. Perfect song, perfect clip choices, perfect tribute.