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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Falling Inside The Black

You did a great job choosing a song that fits your focus so well; this was just made for Willow’s story, what she’s willing to do when it comes to Tara and the fall she took after her death. The music use, editing and effects catch your eye very quickly and pull you in. Great beat use as well; I loved 0:27-0:30 and 2:41-2:46 for example. You laid out your storyline very clearly, and I think it would be easy to follow for those who know Buffy well or haven’t seen the show yet. And if they haven’t seen it, I’m sure they will be wanting to after this one! You managed to show several aspects of the show in just three and a half minutes: the relationships, the angst, the magic and the action. Really well done!!

Best Editing: What You Took From Me

Wow, fantastic job editing this one! This is a hard song to work with, with all the changes in pace, and you nailed it. There are driving, angry sections, followed by pure frenetic energy and then the slower, angsty portions. And you nailed them all. The beat use – holey moly! I was in awe, I must admit. The bouncing clips at the beginning, 0:11-0:15 and 0:48-0:59, the gentle flashes from 0:29-0:40 and the other angsty choruses, the touch of Sam’s red blood at 0:47. Really I could go on and on pointing out all the things that made me go, “OOH, looky!” but I would be pretty much time stamping this whole vid. This was just put together so well; I loved the grayscale and texture, and the editing was just pure eye candy throughout. Add a well thought out storyline, with great clip choices, and all I can say is - Loved it!

brighette's choice: Shape Of My Heart

I admit to a slight skepticism when I read the song choice; while I’ve always loved this song, I never imagined it for a vid. But did you ever prove me wrong; this was perfect for the CSM. The beat use is simple but very effective; subtle in clip action, like the cigarette lighter at 0:15, or nice clip changes and fades. Your lyrical interpretation and clip choice was excellent. I loved that you used clips from when he was young, not just focusing on the grown man we all think of; I felt like we understood him even more. Like 1:20-1:27, the longing on his face, but the resignation of putting the picture away. And the transition at 1:55 from young to old, reflecting on his life and a second chance... just beautiful. What a great tribute!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Falling Inside The Black

I’m not a huge fan of Willow-centric vids, but this one was wonderful. The storytelling and clip selection are what really stood out to me. You captured Willow’s “fall into the black” beautifully by matching every single clip perfectly with the lyrics. The beginning built gradually, going through the ups and downs of her relationship with Tara. Exploring how much she meant to Willow, before everything started to spiral completely out of control after Tara’s death. With the way you wove the vid together, Willow’s pain was very clear and the justification for her actions towards the later part of the vid seemed like the only natural conclusion for her character to take. I loved the use of different colorization schemes for Willow’s memories. You also have a wonderful knack for kinetically matching clips to the song beat... and did I mention the clip selection? Cause that was awesome. Your editing style has just the right amount of “effects” to keep it fresh without overloading the senses. I think my favorite sequence is from 2:34 to 2:45... Great use of timing! Thanks so much for sharing.

Best Editing: What You Took From Me

I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort you put into the editing and timing of this vid. This song gave you so much to work with as far as beat use and tempo changes... and, girl, you nailed them all! After watching it multiple times, I still have no idea how you hit every beat - with either multiple overlay changes, stop/start action or flashes - depending on the specific tempo. Going beyond the sure technical aspect of the editing, the overall concept of doing the vid in a washed out color tone to fit the repeated lyrics “wash away the colors” was brilliant. And the way you had one very quick colorized clip around :47 to define that pivotal turning point of Sam’s death was sure genius. The storytelling and clip selections? To take a song with that much apparent anger and turn it into something that wrenches the heart makes it pretty darn clear that you had your thumb on the pulse of this song. Definitely going in my favorites folder.

wolfpup's choice: Manhunt

OMG! Seriously, girlfriend. This is so not the type of vid I’d normally pick for my judge’s choice. I’m usually more attached to the angsty vids. But, heck, I think you could vid the phonebook and I’d love it. What impresses me so much about this vid is that it feels like a high budget movie trailer. And although it’s over three minutes long, I couldn’t make myself look away for a millisecond. From the opening sequence, I was completely enthralled. When someone can take a musical piece (with no lyrics) and keep me riveted, I know they know how to use the music to tell a story. And you did it brilliantly! I loved the way you used the “Then” to show everything that made Dean wanted prior to Jus In Bello and the “Now” to signify that you were going into the episodic. I’m not familiar with the song, so I’m not sure if the scream, the car engine, the sliding of the gun, etc. are sound effects in the song or if you added them. But either way, it was a brilliant touch. And, Dean’s smirky “whatever” grin at the end? Priceless way to end it. I’ll enjoy this one over and over. Thanks!