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brighette's reviews

Best Video, Best Editing & brighette's choice: Die Another Day

Where to start? I loved this vid! The editing on this one was great; you displayed a great sense of timing from the very beginning, editing the clips to match the beat perfectly. You didn’t let the beat dictate every choice you made, though, which I appreciated; sometimes a vidder tries to have an effect or action on every beat, but you aptly acknowledged the beat without letting it overwhelm the vid. The clips often had a lot of movement, contrasting nicely with those that were relatively still; they had a power all their own because of that quiet.

This also a great Peter character vid which details his awakening to his superpowers. You chose a fast paced song with a lot going on, but each clip was well chosen to go with the lyrics. You do an excellent job setting up the battle of good and evil, with Peter up as our intrepid hero and Sylar as his arch-nemesis. The ending was a perfect non-ending, letting the viewer know there’s another chapter to come in this story. One that I, for one, am anxiously awaiting!

Overall, this is an excellent high-level overview of season 1 from Peter’s perspective. Very nicely done!

Best Video RU: Fell On Black Days

Have I mentioned how much I love Evil!Sammy before? This was an excellent recap of Sam’s journey thus far and his ability to tap into the anger and blackness that dwells there under the surface. All the more impressive? You managed to do it all with only a few clips from BUaBS! This was a true look at Sam’s “dark side” and not his possession. WOW!

I loved your use of color, especially during Sam’s “vision” of the events leading up to his death. The blurring for the vision clips between his death and his resurrection was a very nice touch. We are left to wonder if the demon spoke the truth -- did Sam come back 100%? Then you cap it all off with the eye flare... I think I got a chill. Great job with this one!

Best Editing RU: I Had A Dream

Dayln, I am always excited to see what you come up with next. A Lost/Supernatural crossover to the musical stylings of the Butthole Surfers? Is such a thing even possible? In your hands, it seems perfectly logical! I believed in your alternate reality, thanks to your ability to tell the story so well. You had a well thought out plot in mind and were able to make it come to life. Great clip choices and lifelike manipulations work together seamlessly. You display an almost perfect sense of timing and your use of color was beautiful, as always.

Bringing in the common guest stars of the Marshall/YED and Kate’s mom/Mrs. Miller, that was just a stroke of genius! Also the John Wayne/Betty Davis montage, for some reason that just struck me. I don’t know if I’ll think of Romeo & Juliet when I hear this song anymore, or your vid. Amazing work on this!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing: Die Another Day

This is another one of those vids where everything came together perfectly. The song was absolutely the right choice for a Peter-centric vid. The timing kept me engaged from the first beat and the clip choices were right on. Usually you see vids that are very lyrical or very beat-oriented. You managed to marry both styles without losing the appeal of either. I’m still trying to figure out how you crammed so many action shots of Peter into an action-packed vid. I wouldn’t have thought there was enough material to make it work as nicely as it did, but it didn’t look like you were scrounging for filler material at all.

Your use of clips in relation to music beat and tempo was superb. I loved the change from the slower notes at the beginning to the rapid scene changes around :10. Very nice use of pausing clips for a millisecond to sync up with the music. Loved the stop and start at 2:55. Very powerful. As well as the use of clips at 3:23. Your attention to detail in selection of your scenes in relation to the music and the storyline really stands out. Removing all the extra touches that pushed the vid over the top, the timing alone in this vid made it the top runner for best edited!

Best Editing: Fell On Black Days

Wonderful, strong Sam vid... and there just aren’t enough of those out there. This is pretty much a perfect song for Sam and you did it justice by showing a side of Sam that often gets overlooked. I loved the opening with the split credits. The timing and the white flashes launched the vid beautifully. You have a great knack for altering the speed of the clips to meet the beats of the music and the clips you selected worked extremely well with the lyrics. I especially liked the use of the boys walking along the road for “sunspots are fading” with the darkening of the sky behind them. Another favorite spot was around :45 when we see Sam, then the demon. Loved the clips choices around 2:05. The flash of green in Sam’s eyes at 3:35 was perfection! Overall, a fantastic look at Sam’s journey so far.

Best Editing RU: I Had A Dream

I loved the use of effects in this vid and the way you made the two universes merge into a very believable fantasy. The way you blended the clips together was practically flawless. I was captivated by the story that was unfolding. Your use of colors were vibrant and surreal, which fit really well with the overall mood of the song. Very nice use of clip “jumps” in beat to the music, and I especially liked the overlay of the plane on Sam’s laptop and the rewriting of “Nikki” on the napkin that Dean holds up. All very simple touches that add up to a lot and give the vid that extra something that the viewer isn’t expecting.

wolfpup's choice: It's Over Tonight

I just loved everything about this vid. The song was great. The timing was incredible and the overall story was compelling. I loved the use of the sepia tone to help move the story, and once again your use of zoom/pan is unique and keeps things interesting and moving in relation to the beat of the music. Very nice uses of white flashes to offset beats and general all around fantastic use of the music itself. I especially liked the transition around 3:00; the change in tempo and pacing left a powerful impact. This vid really made me feel for Dean and all he has gone through, nevermind what he is willing to do for those he loves. I definitely give it two thumbs up. I will watch it repeatedly!