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brighette's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing RU: Sleepwalking

This was an excellent Peter vid. Your timing and editing were, as always, spot on. There was a lot of action and quick movement during the faster sections of the song, followed by the more languid ďsleepwalkingĒ parts. I think this was a nice reflection of the chaotic journey to understand his powers, interspersed with the dramatic moments and with the people in whom he can find moments of peace. Very distinctive and it showed a really nice understanding of the music and beat. I liked the touches of color, and you used your effects quite effectively.

Best Editing: Requiem For A Dream

I love the recent vidder/fanficcer partnership, and this was an amazing teaser for the fic. I saw this before reading the fic, and pretty much ran right out to read it. You told the story perfectly and picked just the right music through which to tell it. I loved the black and white, with just the quick uses of color to really make those clips stand out and capture your attention. Your use of flashes was well timed; sometimes they can feel overwhelming, but not in this case. I also really liked the way you sped up portions of clips, like the zoom in on Dean at 1:08. Very unique style that fit nicely with the timing of the music.

Video RU: Out of Control

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite X-Files vids; very very well done! You had a great sense of the lyrics and beat. I loved the staccato editing at 1:21 and 1:58, for example, and the quick fades of the opening. The almost non-stop action was expertly timed, and never felt overdone. Iíve recently been rewatching the series (I should say marathoning Ė Iím halfway through Season 8 now), so each time I watch this I can appreciate your clip choices even better. Iím looking forward to seeing more of your work!

brighette's choice: When My Time Comes

I bow to you, oh Queen of Fades! You do fades better than almost anyone. I loved the song choice, and somehow despite the darkness throughout and at the end, there are so many uplifting clips during the remembrances, that it struck a very bittersweet chord that lingers. I love relationship vids, and you did a great job capturing the brothers, their journey and all the yummy angst that has occurred along the way.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing RU: Sleepwalking

Kitty, I really donít know what to say! Your videos are always so awesome, both in content and in editing. I feel like Iím repeating myself each round. *g* But I love the overall content of this vid. Peter is a fascinating character, and you capture that beautifully. Itís been interesting to watch his journey through the first season of the show and you were able to take all those emotions and compress them into a little over 4 minutes. Your use of clips always astounds me, and how you can get so much emotion from such a fast-paced vid is beyond my comprehension.

The editing is fantastic! Your use of motion and the way you are tuned into the beat of the music definitely sets this vid apart. One of the areas that specifically stands out to me is from 1:45 to 2:00. Iím not really sure why, but your song usage in that section really grabs my attention. Your vids never disappoint and this one was no exception. Canít wait to see what you have next!

Best Editing: Requiem For A Dream

I am always incredibly impressed when I see an awesome vid with no lyrics. The talent it takes to edit an instrumental piece without it becoming boring really stands out to me. When I watch this vid, I am completely riveted to the story thatís told in a little over two minutes. I absolutely love the use of black and white with the white flashes that are timed perfectly -- not only to the beat of the music, but for the most impact with the clips chosen. Love the effects at 1:09 and 1:14. The addition of color at the end to emphasis Deanís ďflashbacksĒ is wonderful, and I absolutely love the montage at the end. Very nicely done. Iím definitely impressed!!

Video RU: Out of Control

I love everything about this video! It makes me remember why I love the XF so much. I actually went and rewatched several episodes after viewing this vid. The action is absolutely incredible. The editing fantastic. And the clip matching to the beat and the lyrics is spot on. To me, this vid captures the show perfectly. I donít think anyone could ask for anything better!

wolfpup's choice: Fallen

I love everything about this vid. I canít even specifically mention parts that stood out because thereís not a second that I didnít think was perfect. The vid makes me feel... big time! I tend to pick those types of vids as my Judgeís Choice. And thereís a reason for that -- Iím a sentimental sucker! If a vidder can elicit strong emotions from me in three or four minutes through imagery and music, Iím going to kiss their feet. So, consider your feet officially kissed. The impact this vid has on me EVERY time I watch it is incredible! I just want to take Dean home and bake him cookies.