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brighette's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing RU: You Fight Me

What a great Peter vid! I had me hooked from the very beginningÖI loved the dreamy quality and quick pace of the first 10 seconds and your editing matched so perfectly. Nice song choice and matching of clips: ďthis is how itís going to endĒ going with his vision of the explosion and then with Sylar; this song was just made for Peter! I really enjoyed your editing; you were very aware of the timing and beat of the music, and everything lined up just right. Great flow, great vid!

Best Editing: Jekyll & Hyde

What a great song choice for Jessica & Nikki! I loved the picture frame throughout and the way you split the screen two and three times. You are always showing new styles and concepts in your vids, which makes me look forward to what you will come up with next! The editing in this one was flawless. Your use of beat was spot on. You use color so well, you make each clip led into the next with such ease because they have the same tones. It makes it all flow effortlessly because your viewer is hardly aware of the change from clip to the next, itís as if they were meant to go together.

Best Video RU: Lepcis Magna

I am always amazed by vidders who can make a really strong vid using an instrumental piece; you have to have a solid understanding of the story you want to tell, because there are no lyrics to lead you there! I love E.S. Posthumus and you used the music so well. Your clip choices were excellent; there was a persistent current of wonder and uncertainty as Mulder and Scully went on their quest for the truth, ending with Ė quite literally Ė a bang. You showed that a great vid doesnít need a lot of effects!

brighette's choice: Coming Undone

Holy Beat Use, Batman! First off, great song choice. Secondly, I loved the energy of this vid, I could watch it over and overÖin fact, I have! I loved the eyes montage at the opening, hooked me right in, bookended with more eyes at the end. Add in all the action and angst, and you show how the boys come undone so beautifully. Great job matching lyrics to the show Ė I think my favorite is ďI thought my demons were my friends.Ē I giggle every time for some reason! And then the slow mo show of baby Sammy to wrap it all up, it was the exact right ending for me. Two thumbs up!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video & Best Editing RU: You Fight Me

Wonderful vid that did a fantastic job of summing up Peterís relationships with those around him and his journey throughout the first season. You packed a lot of energy into this vid. You managed to touch on everyone that has impacted and influenced Peterís life without losing focus. It kept me watching to see how you were going to work the next person in. Your clip choices matched the lyrics nicely, and I was definitely glued to the screen as I watched.

I really enjoyed the editing with this one. Your use of music and flashes and the way you cut your clips to match the beats and the tone of the music was really energized and brought out a lot of the movement and chaos of the show. I thought the following sections were done especially well: :03 to :20, 1:07 to 1:24, and 1:38 to 1:52. Two thumbs up from me!!

Best Editing: Jekyll & Hyde

The editing on this vid is so freakiní perfect that I was blown away when I watched it. I love the use of the overall white box that lends to the feeling of the character being trapped inside herself. The use of the split screens in time to the music gives the vid a unique feel, and the overall use of color is eye-catching. I especially liked the timing and the clip choices from 1:45 to 1:57 and from 2:33 to the end. Iím not a huge fan of this particular character, but the power behind this vid made me like her much more.

Best Video RU: Lepcis Magna

This is another one of those instrumental vids that blows me away. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. When a vidder can accomplish everything a vid needs without the benefit of lyrics, Iím so far beyond impressed itís not even funny. One of the things I pay the most attention to with vids is the use of lyrics and the use of music. You had no lyrics with this one, but you used the music perfectly to tell a story and keep the viewer engaged. The energy was incredible and there wasnít one tenth of a second that my eyes werenít glued to the screen. I especially loved the way you utilized the music in the following sections: :10 to :35, 1:40 to 2:00, and 3:07 to the end. Definitely a vid that I will watch multiple times. Well done!!

wolfpup's choice: Carol Of The Supernatural

You went and broke my pattern! Every round Iíve been picking a sentimental piece for my judgeís choice. This is the first time that hasnít happened. This vid is chopped full of motion and energy, and I am so in love with it that itís not even funny. What is funny is that I canít really say why I love it so much. I mean, the editing is fantastic, thereís no doubt about that! But thereís so much more to this vid; I just canít put my finger on it. Maybe itís the combination of Supernatural and Christmas... or maybe itís just that freaky-assed clown at 1:34. *chuckle* But this is one of my favorite SN vids and always will be. The ending sequence completely blows my mind. I bow to your talent!!