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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Sacrifice

I don’t even watch Prison Break, and I was completely caught up in this vid. I loved the music (Gladiator had such a sweeping soundtrack)! The opening music was beautiful and matched perfectly with the clips of Michael you used; they showed his empathy, longing and willingness to sacrifice. I loved the religious imagery for surrendering – the church, the cross at the grave and the confessional. The transition to the action was flawless, both in the music and the clips. The running, the bodies, great job! And then back to the actual surrender... wow, this was just an incredibly powerful vid.

Best Editing: The 6 Between Us

This was just beautifully edited, that’s all there is to it. I loved the red color blending with the blood imagery. Your clip change on the beat use was perfect. Your take on Sam’s descent into his evil side was shown so well and seemed like a very possible and logical end for him. He fought it but just couldn’t come out on the other side quite the same. I liked the original clips you chose and your use of them was very well done; they enhanced your vid without distracting from the story. I especially liked the birds flying around the building at 1:46 behind Evil!Sam and then the ropes at 1:57 for his struggle. And kudos for using the blood swirl from Scarecrow – I’ve always wanted to use that in a vid, I think it’s a fantastic clip!

Best Video RU: End Of All Hope

What an action packed look at BSG! I was unfamiliar with the music, but it fit very well for the cylon occupation and the will of the Galactica survivors to fight back even in the face of such overwhelming adversity. Great use of pretty much all the characters, the whole team was represented. I loved the editing with all the fast clips, showing not only them fighting back but their humanity as well. The interspersing of the kisses, touches and looks with the battle scenes was nicely done. And the ending was just fantastic with the superspeed rush through the clips and ending with Lee’s FRAK! Very exciting vid, it never let up!

Best Editing RU: Morning Comes

Oh, what a beautifully tragic AU! You had a story to tell and you told it so well; your clip choices were amazing. I loved the use of all the scenery clips from Heart, they added a kind of ethereal feeling. And the happiness Dean’s life blended with the hardships were just heartbreaking. You understand why he had to make the choice to give up his soul, but it doesn’t make that last night any easier to watch. The RED coming for Dean from 1:25-1:40 was so well done, and the following chorus was so bittersweet. And then Sam finding Dean lying there... so quietly powerful. Sniffle.

brighette's choice: Meant Well

I have to say right off the bat that I love the song choice. I wouldn’t have thought of Imogen Heap for BSG, but it was perfect for this vid. I really liked your overlay and use of color throughout. This show won a Peabody for its portrayal of humanity and I think you captured that beautifully. It was a quiet look at their strength to fight, which comes from the bonds between each person. The “meant well” section was very well done (though the repeat always surprises me!), showing the choices made while on New Caprica, hidden behind excuses. I can just watch this one over and over and see something new each time!

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Sacrifice

Wow! I've watched this vid about 15 times since we first started judging this round. I'm so in love with it that I can't think of anything about it that isn't perfect. It summed up the first two years of PB through Michael's eyes in a way that leaves me wanting to give the guy a great big hug to let him know it was all worth it in the end. The look back at all the loss and all the consequences of Michael's actions was very powerful. The fact that Michael's condition makes him feel things stronger than the average person makes this vid all the more inspired. You did a beautiful job of keeping the vid paced to the music while telling your story. I loved the use of the voiceovers (not something I typically enjoy, but they were used correctly and in such a limited fashion that it worked beautifully). Michael's reflections about his "soul" while showing the church was wonderful, as well as the voiceover about "crosses to bear" right before we see the cross at the gravesite. Really enjoyed the change in pace around 1:08. The use of a single b&w clip at 2:10 really added an impact, too. I don't think a vid could have captured Michael any better. Definitely going down as one of my favorite vids. Kudos to you!

Best Editing: The 6 Between Us

Kitty, you've done it again, girl! I hope you don't get bored with my repetitive comments on your editing skills. But you have a special talent for vidding that blows me away. I have to say I'm extremely jealous. *g* Seriously, to have your talent would be a wonderful thing. There are so many wonderful things about this vid, I can't even point them all out. Your ability to match pacing with the music is incredible. I loved the slower opening sequence that then switched to the faster clips around 1:20. The flow between the two (and everything) was flawless. I was also impressed with the "shaky" effects added to match the music in certain places (for instance around 1:25). The layovers from 1:43 to 1:55 especially stood out to me. The use of the birds and the "ropes" was wonderful. Okay, I'm running out of adjectives, so I'll stop now. Another winner all the way around!

Best Video RU: End Of All Hope

I have to admit I'm not someone who watches BSG. However, this vid definitely made me want to start! The amount of energy you captured with this is absolutely amazing. It's hard to believe there's that much action you could capture from the show. There wasn't a moment that lagged with the timing. You kept the pacing fabulously and I'm extremely impressed with the amount of time it must have taken for you to combine all the clips. I also really enjoyed the limited voiceovers that you used. I'm not a huge fan of voiceovers, but the way you used them was interesting and sparse enough that it really worked. And the ending was completely inspired. I absolutely loved that last clip that flipped into the BSG title clip.

Best Editing RU & wolfpup's choice: Morning Comes

I really don't like death vids. Seriously, I really don't! I'm too fragile. I don't read death fics, either. But, god, this vid... I think it's the most heart-breaking thing I've ever seen. I can't watch it without choking up, but it's so beautifully done, that I can't NOT watch it... over and over. You've made some wonderful vids in the past, but this one jumped right to the top of my list for you. I really enjoyed the text usage at the beginning of the vid to set the scene. The way you used clips of the happy times and the heartache over the past two years as "flashbacks" was beautiful. I also thought it was inspired that you used clips from WIAWSNB for the stanza about what Dean wanted out of life. *sigh*

Not only was it the most touching vid that I've subjected myself to... over and over, but it was brilliantly edited as well. The way you wove the clips together to tell the story was so flawless that it never threw me out of the vid at all. I wasn't able to suspend my belief because of it's realism, which made it hurt all the more (btw... thank you very much!). No, seriously, I'm giving you a hard time because you've completely destroyed my heart, but I loved every second of it. The use of the darker hues to show "present time" was a wonderful choice that really set the tone for the "darkness" of the vid. The editing of clips particularly stood out to me from 1:20 - 1:41 and from 2:39 to the end.

I'm going to try and go recover now. Definitely one of the most powerful vids I've ever seen as far as reaching in and yanking someone's heart out. But don't do it again! I think I might need therapy. *wink*