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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Hide U

OK, y’all are beginning to make me want to give PB another shot – this was another fantastic vid! First thought with the very first chord of the song – yay, Placebo! Though a very different version than I was expecting! I’m not familiar with this remix, I’m going to have to go buy it now. Great song choice, it fit the vid so well. I liked how well you managed to cover several genres in this vid. There was so much action, which fit with the quick beats of the song, but there was also a lot of detail on relationships, as well as the drama of the show. It served to really draw me in as a viewer and get caught up in everything going on.

I loved from 0:43-0:52 with the fast editing, and the doorknob turning with the quick flashes from 0:56-0:59 was just amazing! Also, 1:41-1:48, the focus on the cross. Just beautiful. And I liked how you used the similar “hands in the air” clips leading up to the ending, it tied the stories together visually very well.

Best Editing: Stupid Girl

You did a fantastic job bringing this AU to life. And what an evil AU it was! You always use your music so well, and this was no exception. I liked the zoom and color changes for the quick drum beats and your editing to match the strong downbeats. I loved how you created a relationship for these two characters, and you did a great job choosing clips to put together to bring it all to life. Great use of color and I liked how the opening and closing created dark bookends to the body of the vid, which laid out the storyline of the relationship from flirting innocence to the hurtful obsession. I also liked the reflection from Sam, the fact that he knew this wasn’t right but somehow couldn’t stop himself. It made his actions all the more intense, in my eyes.

Best Video RU: Taste of Blood

This was a fantastic character study vid. The music choice was haunting and fit the desolate feel of the vid. Michael’s desperation to free his brother is vividly shown, especially from 0:51-1:18. The overlapping clips and long slow fades echo the emotion of the scenes; you feel how raw he’s feeling and how much he wants to save Lincoln from that long walk.

I loved the silence from 1:45-1:55. Again, great clip choices to show how close to the edge the brothers are. And the “shivers down my skin” from 2:33 to 2:40, with the finger drum roll leading to the arching back, that was truly inspired. I watched that part over a few times; it really caught me for some reason. Same with “it’s not finished with me yet” from 2:55-3:02. The pain is there, but the focus on the hands, again just caught me. Very nice imagery and an amazing vid overall.

Best Editing RU: Taking Control

I’ve said this before, but saying it again. The song choice for this one didn’t catch me right off, but by the chorus I was there with you. The innocent voice is a great foil to the driving, angry chorus and fits your story so well.

The grainy coloring was very nice, alternating between the feel of an old time photo to an old western for me, which worked well. I really liked how you focused on all of YED’s chosen ones, not just Sam. I loved 1:12-1:19; the clips nicely matched with the music and the two faces of Ava are shown very well with the quick editing. 1:45-1:58 was one of my favorite choruses, with the “picket fence” and the scoff on Ava’s face fading into YED. Also, 2:29-2:39 with the imagery for home, together yet alone – I thought this was beautiful.

brighette's choice: Break

This was a great Lee character study! Your music use was superb; you were very aware of it and everything fit perfectly. And the lyrics fit so well, how Lee tries to be who others need him to be, but he can’t change who he really is deep down. The quiet opening on the lake, quickly going into the action; it caught me right from the start. The detail into Kara and Lee’s always complicated relationship was done so well for the first stanzas. You quickly show the emotion and how ultimately, that relationship has killed a part of him inside. From 1:08 to the ending, I thought it was pretty much all spot on. The shooting of Adama, breaking all this pain and rage inside. Followed shortly by the scenes of Lee drifting in space, reflecting on all the constant battles, and him giving in to the pull of the undercurrent. Truly great!

wolfpup's reviews

Note: I had a lot of trouble focusing when doing the reviews this time because I just had lasik's done. Sorry if my thoughts seem scrambled, but I'm still having trouble looking at computer screens for any length of time.

Best Video: Hide U

This was a wonderful and unique look at Prison Break. I would never have thought about a vid that focuses on the women behind the men, so to speak, and just how far they would go to protect their loved ones. I loved the amount of energy you were able to capture with this vid, not to mention the clips that you chose! Your use of the music and lyrics was very nicely done and completely kept my attention. I’ve actually watched this vid about 10 times already. Overall, it was a great piece of storytelling. Two great big thumbs up from me.

Best Editing: Stupid Girl

Well, Kitty, here we are again. *bg* I’m not a huge fan of Jo, but I loved this vid! You really were able to sell me on the whole Sam is evil idea. Very believable AU and great clip selections! As always your timing and use of motion was impeccable. Loved the energy and the use of color changes. Your editing was more straight-forward with this vid, yet it still clearly stood out. I think that reinforces just how great your editing skills really are... And I loved the missing poster at the end!!

Best Video RU: Taste of Blood

Beautiful character piece! Michael is a very complex character with so many different layers to his personality... layers that haven’t even really been explored that much through the show. You do him justice. I don’t see how anyone can watch this vid and NOT fall in love with Michael. The emotion is incredible and you wrench out every ounce of heartbreak for everyone to see. Your use of imagery is so poetic that I just sit in awe when I watch this vid. From the simple use of Michael’s hand motions to the origami swan, everything fit together beautifully.

Best Editing RU: Taking Control

What really stood out to me with this vid was the way you used such a limited selection of clips to tell a very complete story. Your clip selection was outstanding, not only in relation to the lyrics but also in regards to the changes in the music. IMHO, that’s really important when it comes to editing. Your use of color and clip motion was great. Heck, the whole vid came across flawless. I especially loved the overlays at 3:20 and 3:40. Very powerful analogy!

wolfpup's choice: Promise Me Tomorrow Starts With You

I don’t think it’s any secret that I almost always pick a sentimental favorite for my judge’s choice. This was no exception. Although I love all types of vids, from fast-paced action to tearjerkers, the vids that focus heavily on relationships are the ones that always hit me especially strong. The relationship between the characters in this vid is what stood out so strongly to me and made it my judge’s choice. The lyrics and clip choices are very subtle. They don’t hit you over the head, but hide underneath. However, by the end of the vid, it comes across so beautifully that it leaves me with that warm tingling sensation of love and affection between the boys -- that feeling that they’ll always be there for each other. And that’s what it’s all about! In addition to the content, I also fell in love with the motion of the vid. The way you clipped the pacing together really worked for me. It gave the story a very unique feel and kept my interest throughout the vid. All around... very nice job and a beautiful look at that special bond between Sam and Dean.