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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Stargate Atlantis Special Theme

What a fitting Elizabeth tribute! Your clip choices matched the lyrics very well, and I liked your use of slow fades, ghosting and the occasional gray scale. You were able to show her vulnerability and her strength, her ability to be tender and to then kick a little a**. It all mirrored the lyrics and tied it together. I especially liked the ending, there was sadness but also wonder and hope, as if there is still another chapter in her story still to come.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Stargate Atlantis Special Theme

What really stood out to me with this vid was how strong it was in regards to character. You captured Weir beautifully with this piece. The editing was subtle and nicely done. The pacing was appropriate with the music, especially from 2:49 to 3:00. You also matched clip choices and lyrics extremely well, which is something I always pay close attention to. Iím not a huge fan of Weir, but this vid made me like her quite a bit more than I previously did. Thanks for sharing