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brighette's reviews

Best Video: Heath Ledger Special Theme

You said in your summary that this vid was made shortly after Heath’s death as a tribute to someone you will miss. No fancy editing, just emotion. But a great vid doesn’t need fancy; sometimes all it needs is heart, and this one has plenty of that. Starting with the perfect song choice, this vid eloquently captured what made Heath such a great actor; the drama, the relationships, the angst, and always the amazing smile that you can’t help but smile with. You did an amazing job taking clips from multiple sources and blending them to tell the story of his career, using the lyrics as a road map. The yearning of the beginning, swelling to the action clips with the music, and ending with him walking away…you had me all misty, and I don’t do misty! I truly loved every minute of this vid, but I think my favorite moments were 1:04-1:09 from 10 Things – that smile and the twirl of him dancing was perfect; 1:35-1:41 and 1:44-1:50 – the clips on the skateboard and him dancing again, so carefree and at ease; 2:28-2:34 – great expression and loved the in clip beat use; and really, I could go on ad nauseam, but I won’t. Just know that I am very glad you chose to share this with us.

wolfpup's reviews

Best Video: Heath Ledger Special Theme

This vid got me a little teary eyed because it made me realize once again what a great body of work Heath had produced and how much more he could have contributed. Heck, I didn’t even realize he was in a couple of the movies you featured, such as Two Hands. The song choice was extremely appropriate and heartbreaking. I loved the way you matched the sequence of your movie clips with the appropriate lyrics and I appreciated that you listed the name of the movie at the bottom of the screen, too. For some reason, it really seemed to help memorialize him. The clips of Heath approaching the camera and walking away from the camera were the perfect bookends to this touching tribute. Thanks so much for sharing.